Microsoft Excel 2019 (PC)

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Microsoft Excel 2019 (PC)

$103.00 SGD $149.00 30% OFF



  • For 1 Device
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  • Lifetime support at no extra cost

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Microsoft Excel 2019 (PC)

Excel 2019 is Microsoft's most popular spreadsheet program. It offers a variety of features and improvements over previous versions, making it an essential tool for anyone who regularly uses spreadsheets and data visualization.

Excel is the go-to tool for any project that requires detailed data analysis. Whether you’re looking to create insightful spreadsheets or financial documents, Excel has got your back with its new built-in tools and ability to produce many different types of reports at once!

One of the most notable new features in Excel 2019 is the ability to insert online pictures and videos. This makes it easy to add multimedia content to your spreadsheets, making them more engaging and informative. Excel 2019 also includes a new set of templates designed specifically for business use, so you can get started with your work right away.

Other improvements include support for 4K displays, enhanced pivot table functionality, and improved support for collaborative workflows. If you're looking for the best spreadsheet program available, Excel 2019 is the clear choice.


Excel 2019 for PC comes feature-packed to the brim with new and improved features, making it easier to get your work done quickly and efficiently. Whether you're building a complex database or creating a simple financial document, you'll find all the tools you need to get the job done right.

Some of the new features in Excel 2019 include:

More Functions

Excel 2019 includes a variety of new functions that make it easier to work with data. The new CONCAT function can be used to combine text from multiple cells into one, while the IFS function allows you to nest IF statements for more complex conditions.

New Chart Types

Are you looking to visualize your data in unique and useful ways? Take advantage of the new Map chart and Funnel chart types in Excel 2019. The Map chart makes it easy to plot geographical data on a map, while the Funnel chart is ideal for visualizing sales data or any process with multiple steps.

Digital Inking

Use the power of digital ink to highlight parts of your spreadsheet, add useful notes, or draw directly on your data. With the new ink signature feature, you can even sign your documents electronically! The Excel-specific Ink Equation feature also allows you to write out equations by hand and have them converted into text automatically.


Use pre-made templates to get your work done even faster! Excel 2019 comes with a variety of new templates, including ones for project management, event planning, and business expense tracking. These professional templates will help you get the job done right, and save you time in the process.


Ensure that your spreadsheets can be used by everyone, regardless of ability. Excel 2019 includes a variety of new accessibility features, including the ability to insert alt text for images and videos, and support for high-contrast themes. These features make it easy to create documents that can be used by everyone.


Excel 2019 performs better than ever before, thanks to its optimized engine and 64-bit support. With faster calculation times and improved memory management, you'll be able to get your work done more quickly and efficiently, no matter what device you work on. 

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