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Microsoft Microsoft Project Standard 2010
Microsoft Project Standard 2010
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1 PC 1 person Power and flexibility at its best as the new interface and features offer more control and flexibility. Powerful features like contextual menu and task-oriented tabs to help you get started and deliver results.  Lifetime license for home and personal use. Keep projects coming for you with the help of the tried and tested for years Microsoft Project Standard 2010.Project Standard 2010 is designed to simplify work by automating different tasks of creating and tracking projects or plans. With that, you can delegate activities, arrange resources, and create a proper time schedule so people and resources are always there when you need them and no time is wasted. With Microsoft Project 2010 Standard, you will are entitled to built-in features guaranteed to increase efficiency when it comes to task management in order to gain better control over project management. Here are more specific features to expect: The Ribbon: This is the first thing that you will observe as you no longer see traditional toolbars and menu which are now replaced with this function. Worry no more about commands as the ribbon makes everything organized logically in groups for easier access. You can also customize it and create your own grouping based on your preferences and the required ease of use. The Backstage: It is almost the same as the File menu in versions that are older than Project 2010 Standard. It is used when you want to open, save, or print your projects. You can also use this feature to manage your Project Server links and connections or check out publish projects. Newer and better viewing options have been added to assist you for clarity when you track team projects and how each member performs. This software can help you and team members see the whole picture and assess if resources are properly appropriated. Included in this specified enhancement are these: The team planner is a scheduling tool that lets you view and interact with other people's schedules. MS Project Standard 2010 is easy to customize; thus, you can always manipulate how project progress is viewed; quickly add more columns by clicking Add New Column at the right end of the sheet area. A Timeline View where you can create a simple timeline for your plan and schedule, look into details of your visuals to determine flaws or differences and create an impact upon your audience when you reach them through email, a presentation, or any type of document that you share. With a newer user interface you get to acquire the following benefits from MS Project 2010 Standard: With its simple and intuitive Microsoft Fluent UI (user interface) feature, you work more efficiently. Powerful features like contextual menu and task-oriented tabs so it is easier to get started and deliver results.  Power and flexibility at its best as the new interface and features offer more control and flexibility in terms of functions. You can create plans and schedules that are really suitable for your projects. Work between general and specific data for a more specific approach to your project or you can just simply attach notes or reminders when it is needed or available. Quick Resource Management where you can alert team members of schedules, issues, and concerns, and resolve the conflict together. Better collaborative efforts as collaboration tools are embedded in different Office Suite applications when you download Microsoft Project Standard 2010 download and provides the user with performance improvements that are attractive to the eyes as it is compatible with 64-bit system.   Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP SP3, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003 with R2, Windows Server 2008, and Windows Vista Memory: 512 MB Hard Disk: 2.5 GB free space Computer Processor: 700 GHz Graphics: DirectX 10 and 64 MB video memory Display: 1024x576 resolution Other: Internet connection
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Microsoft Microsoft Office Project Professional 2010
Microsoft Office Project Professional 2010
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1 PC 1 person Power and flexibility at its best as the new interface and features offer more control and flexibility. Powerful features like contextual menu and task-oriented tabs to help you get started and deliver results.  Lifetime license for home and personal use. Let no projects intimidate you and your team. Get into high gear with project management through Microsoft Project Professional 2010. If you want a powerful project management software that provides better tools to manage projects effectively, don’t look elsewhere. Update your system and infrastructure right now with the Project Professional 2010. You will surely benefit from the way it helps you manage resources and empower your team with its new, enhanced, and intuitive features. Experience the following benefits with the MS Project Professional 2010 and see the differences from your older system: Microsoft Fluent UI (User Interface) productivity feature embedded in the new Ribbon system. With this tool, you will quickly find and use different project controls and features. You can also configure your own setting to make it easier for you to access all commonly used buttons. Contextual Guidance will help you immediately learn features that are hidden in the command tool, status bar messages, and content to find help for various concerns easily. Backstage Access for tools, programs, and templates selection so you can work on different Microsoft Project 2010 Professional and other Office applications with lesser effort. In terms of project templates, these are already preformatted so your concerns are lessened by escaping the template creation and starting immediately on the details of your project. Data can be customized, collated, and included based on the template. Project Collaboration so you can share project information beyond copying and pasting. It avoids compromising any currently opened files. Sharing can be done through SharePoint. It lets you share files with collaborators or teammates and even synchronize schedules. Project Planning Features – supportive tools that will help you create, assign, execute, and monitor all your project plans as well as allocate the needed resources. Here are more project planning related features available with every Microsoft Project Professional 2010 download: These will be published through Project Server and monitored through different assigned dashboards for each task. Resource Planning and Management – helps you allocate people and resources as well as work on appropriate projects accordingly. Resource Substitute – so you know exactly what to substitute. Resource Leveling – with this, you can check which resources are performing, underperforming, over performing, and overused. Zoom Controls that allow quick changes on the timeline of your project schedules. Automatic Scheduling – for tracking and managing your projects. User Control Scheduling – so you can add more details into schedules and plans. Active and Inactive Task – you can predict different scenarios to your project and view the impact thereof. Multiple Level Undo – monitor and review sets of tasks and operations. Change highlighting – you can assign and switch highlighted project plan factors to see how it impacts a project. Cost Resources Feature – can be integrated into your accounting system so you can be informed about the financial progress of your project.   With so many features to contend with, you need to have a computer system that is compatible with Project 2010 Professional. Here is the list of minimum requirements needed before you can download Microsoft Project Professional 2010   Operating System: must have Windows XP with SP3 for 32 bit system, Windows Vista with SP1, Windows Server 2003 with R2 packed with MSXML 6.0, Windows Server 2008 or lower Memory: 512 MB Hard Disk: 2.0 GB available Computer Processor: 700 megahertz or faster Get your project moving towards completion and expectation of more projects to come when you update and buy Microsoft Project Professional 2010 pronto! **Windows software only, NOT compatible with MAC.