Kickstart 2020
with Office 365

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Microsoft Office 365 is the gold-standard of office productivity tools,
starting from $6.05 per user / month

Word, Excel, Powerpoint…

All the tools you know and love, but better and more powerful in Office 365.
Availabel online and across all of your devices.

Powerful collaboration tools

Keep your team on the same page at all times
with Onedrive, Onenote, Skype.

Discover how Office 365 can benefit your company

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Guilty of using outdated MS Office software?

Your Company’s Data May Be At Risk

Different versions of software and no cloud infrastructure can lead to a catastrophic loss of
data. Your company’s valuable data is vulnerable to server crashes and coffee spills that you
never planned for and may not be able to recover from.

No Cybersecurity

Security weaknesses and bugs in old versions of software can be exploited by
hackers in many ways, most often through malware, phishing, or ransomware

Slow and Ineffective Team Collaboration

Is your team still sharing files via email or pen drives? Older Office versions
don’t sync files nor do they allow you to edit and share them on smartphones
and tablets.

Number of businesses licences for sale is limited.

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Here's why 50,000 small business customers switch to
the newest version of Office 365 each month

Better collaboration

Multiple users can edit the same document at the same time across multiple devices.

Maximum security

The latest version ensures expert data security, spam filtering, and privacy protection.

Files always in sync
- on all devices

Office mobile apps let you access, edit, and share on your mobile, tablet, and computer and keeps them in sync.

Better tools

Improved versions of the Office programs you use the most – Excel, Word, Outlook & PowerPoint

Data safety

Your data is kept in the cloud and is safe from random events like server crashes or coffee spills.


You can be confident that your email, contacts, and calendar are always availabel with a financially-backed 99.9% service level agreement.

The newest version, forever, for free.

With the subscription you’re guaranteed to have the
latest version availabel of the software ensuring
maximum security and best functionalities. Updates
are free and delivered automatically.

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