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Truly Office 2024 Family for Mac

$87.00 SGD $119.00 26% OFF



  • Digital download
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Truly Office 2024 Family for Mac

$87.00 SGD $119.00
26% OFF

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  • Digital download
  • Lifetime support at no extra cost
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Instant Digital Download
Lifetime Product Guarantee
Year Round Service
Microsoft Certified Partner
  • macOS 10.14 or later
  • Familiar apps: Word, Sheets, Slides
  • All updates and upgrades are included free of charge during your subscription.
  • Licensed for up to 5 family users

Truly Office 2024 Family Lifetime License is the ultimate solution to your office suite needs, delivering affordability without compromising quality. It's a cheaper alternative and a robust, seamless experience that rivals Microsoft Office. Truly Office performs all the same functions at a fraction of the cost, with flawless compatibility with all Office file formats.

Truly Office 2024 Family redefines the landscape of office software with Truly Word, Truly Sheets, and Truly Slides. The license accommodates up to 5 users, making it an ideal choice for families and small teams who seek functionality, compatibility, and affordability.

Apps included

Truly Word

Prepare to unleash the complete power of Truly Word, revolutionizing your document creation like never before! Its user-friendly interface, a wide range of formatting options, and easy collaboration make it possible to take your work from ordinary to extraordinary. Truly Word combines user-friendliness with powerful features at a highly affordable price, allowing you to create professional documents easily.

Work with advanced formatting tools, spell-check, and thesaurus to create professional documents. Leverage the convenience of intuitive navigation, undo/redo options to go back in time, and collaborate seamlessly with your team using track changes. Everything you're used to in other office suites is done better with Truly Word.

Truly Sheets

Truly Sheets goes beyond the basics of a spreadsheet tool. It provides an intuitive interface for effortless data navigation and analysis. Truly Sheets empowers you to make informed decisions from simple calculations to complex datasets. It was designed to ensure you get the most work done in the shortest time.

Analyze, manipulate, and visualize your data seamlessly with professional formulas, charts, and graphs that bring your data to life. Whether working on an analytics project or managing your finances, Truly Sheets has all the tools you need to succeed.

Truly Slides

Transform your slideshows into captivating presentations with Truly Slides. Craft visually stunning slides effortlessly, leaving a lasting impression on your audience. Enjoy a seamless transition from idea to presentation, thanks to Truly Slides' commitment to flawless formatting, animations and effects.

Drag and drop images, videos, charts, and graphs onto slides optimized for readability on any device. Perfect for professionals and students alike, Truly Slides gives you the confidence to create presentations that make an impact.

One-Time Purchase with a Lifetime License

With Truly Office, you're not just purchasing a product but investing in a lifetime of streamlined efficiency and productivity. Truly Office 2024 Family Lifetime License is a one-time purchase that lasts a lifetime. There are no recurring fees and no unexpected charges. You pay once, and you and your family can access Truly Word, Truly Sheets, and Truly Slides forever.

Save yourself from the burden of annual renewals and ensure you continually benefit from the latest features and updates. Experience the freedom of a lifetime license and embrace the future of productivity technology with Truly Office.

Five users, one solution

The Truly Office 2024 Family Lifetime License covers up to 5 users, providing extensive collaborative possibilities for personal projects and academic endeavors. Whether working on a family project or collaborating with a small team, this license is an affordable investment that guarantees top-notch features and exceptional performance.

With its comprehensive suite of tools, you can boost productivity and streamline your tasks, ensuring seamless coordination and efficiency for your family or small team.

Customizable interface

Make the most of your work environment by customizing the Truly Office interface to suit your preferences. Choose from various themes, color schemes and layouts that make your work experience truly yours. Truly Office has the perfect options, whether you prefer a minimalist look or vibrant colors.

Move your favorite tools to your quick access toolbar, access templates and documents to your Home tab, and personalize your workspace with a theme of your choice. Truly Office gives you the tools to organize your work environment best.

Upgrade today!

Join the ranks of users who have embraced a software suite that matches and exceeds traditional office solutions' capabilities. Make the smart choice – invest in Truly Office and redefine how you work today and for a lifetime.

System Requirements

To run Truly Office 2024 Family for Mac, we recommend the following minimum system requirements:

  • Operating system: macOS 10.14 (Mojave) or later
  • Processor (CPU): Intel or ARM-based
  • Disk space: Minimum 1 GB

We recommend installing Truly Office 2024 Family on a device that exceeds these minimum requirements for optimal performance.

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