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Download Microsoft Office 2016 Australia

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Buyers Guide Office 2016 for Mac

When Microsoft announced Office 2016 for Mac, it was a relief for all the users waiting for a major update since 2011. Fortunately, the latest version certainly justifies the expectations. Microsoft’s preview of Office 2016 has been released by Microsoft and it can already be downloaded and installed on your laptop.

What is Office 2016 for Mac?

The latest version of Office offers a slightly different user experience as the new interface is optimized for OS X Yosemite, so if you don’t have OS X Yosemite, you cannot install office 2016. Office 2016 can be run on different Macs, too, namely iMac (Mid-2007 or newer), MacBook (2008, 2009 or newer), MacBook Pro (2007 or newer), MacBook Air, Mac Mini, Mac Pro and Xserve (early 2009). Fortunately, with these devices, you are able to download and install Yosemite as a free upgrade if you don’t have it already, so that you will be able to install Office 2016.

The new version of Office for Mac offers a new look and it is already clear that it better integrates with Office with the help of Microsoft’s cloud services. Once installed, the Office 2016 Apps will be visible as separate apps in your Applications folder.

On the other hand, if you already have Office 2011 installed, your new Office 2016 will not overwrite your old one, instead it will run side by side with it without interfering. It is possible to accidentally open one app instead of another one, though, but this can be easily remedied with the ‘Open With’ section.

The latest version of Office 2016 for Mac offers a lot of possibilities for Mac users with a number of new features that weren’t available in the previous version, as well as improved old features that we like so much. For example, now you are able to have a conversation with multiple users working on the same document in Word 2016, where it is possible to leave comments right next to the relevant text.

In addition, you now have access to countless new Office templates for your documents, PowerPoint presentations and Excel sheets. Another useful improvement is a new cloud-based file system which allows you to access your documents on OneDrive, OneDrive for Business as well as on SharePoint.

However, if you prefer the traditional option, you are still able to file locally on your Mac. Office 2016 also features a ‘Smart Lookup’ which helps you find relevant information from the web for a certain phrase you highlight in a document. Once you highlight a relevant phrase in a document, the results will be shown in a ‘Smart Lookup’ pane.


The new Office 2016 for Mac includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook which were all made better, but it also offers other new and improved features designed to provide a better user experience and enable you to organize your work more easily. Special attention has been dedicated to the design and as a result, the apps work great and look amazing.


The first major change you will notice when you run your Office 2016 for Mac is that the design is absolutely stunning. If you were using Office 2011, then you will find yourself comfortable with Office 2016 as you will easily recognize the old options. The icons are redesigned and now look better than ever, but you will still easily find what you are looking for.

Office for Mac 2016 fully supports Retina displays now and the interface adjusts itself automatically if you are using a Retina display. All your presentations will now look superb as text and graphics are sharper than ever in Office 2016.

Each app now has a unique theme which is very useful when you have multiple apps open as you will be able to easily distinguish them and find what you are looking for. You are also able to use multitouch gestures available in OS X as well as zoom in or out on a certain part of the document you are working on.

The buttons and menus in Office 2016 look perfectly clear, as well and the Ribbon interface gives you quick access to anything you need.

Word 2016

A major change in Word 2016 concerns co-authoring which enables several people to work on the same document - all it takes is to save the edited version to see the changes. This enables multiple individuals to add, delete or change the text in real-time and you will see what each one of you is doing, regardless of what device you are on.

There is a new threaded comment option, as well, enabling you to leave a comment right next to relevant text and have a useful conversation with other team members working on the document. When you reply to a comment, it will instantly appear below the original comment.

The ‘Insight Pane’ shows relevant content from the web inside Word, while the Design tab provides quick access to design elements and enables you to manage colors, layouts and more to polish your document to perfection.

Excel 2016

Excel 2016 has been significantly improved compared to the older version of Office for Mac. ‘Recommended Charts’ is one of the major features when it comes to Excel 2016, which enables you to choose the best chart for your data based on the suggestions that Excel will provide.

In addition, the new ‘Analysis ToolPak’ feature offers new statistical functions and allows you to perform complex engineering or statistical analyses. It is also much easier to plan and manage your business meetings with the ability to see multiple calendars side by side.

PowerPoint 2016

The major change within PowerPoint 2016 is the new ‘Presenter View’ feature which displays the current slide, the next slide as well as the speaker notes and a timer, allowing your presentation to run smoothly and with confidence while your audience can only see the presentation.

The co-authoring feature available in Word 2016 is also present in PowerPoint 2016 and so is the threaded comment feature, allowing multiple people to work on the same presentation. This new feature allows for more flexibility as more users can work on the same project. You are also able to choose between different color schemes for a theme using the new theme variants feature available in PowerPoint 2016 for Mac.

Outlook 2016

Outlook 2016 has a number of new features that will allow you to manage your correspondence more easily and in a more organized way than ever. With the ‘Easy Navigation’ feature, you are able to navigate easily between Mail, Calendar, People, Tasks and Notes.

The major change in Outlook 2016 must be the ‘Online Archive’ feature, which enables you to make space in your mailbox by moving your emails to the online archive. Easily access the archived messages whenever you need them by opening the online archive folder in the navigation pane.

Managing business meetings is now significantly easier as when you receive a request for a meeting at a time that is not convenient for you, you have the option to propose a new time.

The latest Outlook 2016 has another interesting and useful feature that shows you a local weather forecast info; this weather info is available in the ‘Calendar’ view.

How to Activate

To activate Office 2016 for Mac, you first need to download and install Office on your Mac. The next step is clicking the ‘Launchpad’ icon to display the apps. By clicking any of the Office apps such as Microsoft Word, the activation process will begin. A ‘What’s New’ window will appear and you are able to start using the app by clicking on ‘Get Started’ and then ‘Sign in.’

After you have entered your email address associated with Office 2016 for Mac, click on ‘Next’ and enter the password associated with the email address you entered.

After signing in, the system will check whether you have a valid license for Office 2016, after which the product will be activated. All that is left after that is to click on ‘Start Using Word’ to get started. When you have done all of these steps, you have successfully activated Office 2016 for Mac.

System Requirements

Minimum requirements for installing Office 2016 for Mac are:

Your computer must be running MacOS 10.10 or above (Office 2016 is optimized for OS X Yosemite)

At least 4GB of RAM


Office software remains the most popular options for the majority of businesses and professionals. The latest version of Office 2016 certainly has plenty of useful, new and improved features that will allow you to organize your work and manage your project more easily.

The brilliant new design that makes apps look better than ever along with many useful new tools available in Word, Excel and PowerPoint make Office 2016 ideal for all professionals and businesses.

The final verdict is that Office 2016 for Mac has justified the expectations set during a long waiting period and much more. That said, there are numerous benefits of using this productivity tool compared with iWork.