Will You Gain Anything from Using Office 2019?

Will you gain anything from using Office 2019? If you’re a fan of Office 365, probably not. If you’re using Office 2016 or a later version such as Office 2013, yes, you will! The software giant announced its plans to release Office 2019 in the latter part of 2018. The move is one that customers expected to hear but wasn't sure how it related to them.

Geared Toward Traditionalists Who Still Want Access to Software

According to Microsoft, the software is geared toward traditionalists who haven’t yet accepted the cloud. These users prefer software that they can access in their physical location versus cloud-based applications. They like to be able to control their servers this way, too.

The New Features That Office 2019 Offers

Office 2019 has new features that many people will appreciate. For example, it has better Inking capabilities that include pressure sensitivity, tilt effects, and ink replay. Excel offers new charts and formulas, and PowerPoint has Morph and Zoom animation features which make presentations even more exciting to watch.

Only time will tell whether the software lives up to its potential. With earlier releases of Office, each has brought a new set of tools and features with it. We can only hope that Office 2019 does the same because it has been a long wait for software traditionalists to get their hands on the things they’ve had their hearts set on.

We Give Customers What They Want When They Want It

Software Keep believes in giving our customers what they want and feel comfortable with. That’s why we offer the selection of authentic Microsoft products that we have in our online storefront. We know that each person is different and their needs vary which is why we offer such a wide selection from Student to Professional to Home versions of Microsoft Office.

There is No Such Thing as One Solution for Our Customers

We don’t believe that there is one software or app solution for our customers. That’s why we give them options. If someone is used to working with Office 2013 and want to make the switch to Office 2019, there is nothing stopping them after the software has been released to the public for purchase.

Accessibility is the Key to Success for Software Companies Like Microsoft

Microsoft is the same way. It wants to make its software and apps accessible to all people. That’s why the company continues to release new versions of Office every few years. By knowing its customers well, Microsoft is able to hold its place as one of the most successful software companies in existence.

We’re Not Like Other Online Retailers

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