Why a Student Version of Microsoft Office is Ideal for You

Students appreciate the reliability of Microsoft Office products but don’t necessarily need all the features that other versions of the software suite offer. They may not want all the bells and whistles because of a limited budget. If you happen to be watching your money and want to afford something more than plain noodles to eat, the student version of MS Office is likely the best option for you.

Features that Come with Microsoft Office Student

Packed full of features that make doing your schoolwork easier, Microsoft Office Student delivers repeatedly:

  • Widescreen PowerPoint presentations.

    Bring your slideshows to life by giving your audience a more complete view of your ideas. Choose a widescreen template and transform your presentation from ordinary to extraordinary. You’ll be giving a lot of presentations throughout your school career so you might as well nail them the first time.
  • Virtual notebooks keep your ideas safe.

    Think about how cumbersome it is to carry a half dozen spiral notebooks or composition books around during the school year. Rather than try to keep up by handwriting notes while in class, use OneNote and keep all your ideas safe in digital notebooks. You can write, type, draw, doodle, and most importantly, share your ideas with others in your class. Group projects have never been easier to complete.
  • Share files quickly and easily.

    While a student, you’re going to do a lot of research. You’ll be sharing what you’ve learned with others, too. Microsoft Office makes it easy for you to do so. Invite your classmates to edit documents, too, so they can add to the discussion or presentation.
  • Have Office help you find the right command.

    The Tell Me box in the ribbon can tell you what to do. It’s a timesaving feature that makes the most current version of Student Office well worth the money spent on it.
  • Use Insights by Bing.

    Gain access to relevant information while reading an Office file. If you need to research a subject, you don’t have to leave the document to do a search. Once you’ve found what you want to look at, you can click on the site and be taken to the page.
  • Convert information into charts or tables in two easy steps using Excel.

    Insert them into a slideshow presentation or Word document for others to see. This is a great way to share information in a visual and logical way. People understand what they are seeing and why it’s important for them to know.

If you go to uni, you know just how important it is to have your own computer to work on. When you load a productivity software suite such as Office onto your laptop, you have the tools you need to complete class projects with ease. You don’t have to piece together several borrowed copies of various software or take a chance with the security of your PC or Mac by downloading a free copy of MS Office from a bootleg website.

Productivity Comes Easily with MS Office

Microsoft Office Student is full of exciting programs, tools, and features. See for yourself what it offers you. Make doing your homework a breeze in upcoming semesters. You’ll love how productivity comes easily for you thanks to constant updates and improvements to current software offerings.

You’ll see how every tool you use or feature you access is designed with productivity in mind. Saving you time and money are goals of yours. They’re goals our company has for you, too.

A Digital Download Solves Your Time Constraint Issues for Class

Digitally downloadable copies of the popular software suite are available through Get MS Office. Purchase yours today and gain immediate access to everything you need to get started on your next school project. Do research within a document, conduct spelling and grammar checks, create graphs and tables, and even come up with your own slideshow presentation on the topic of your choice.

Take advantage of our deep discounts, holiday promotions, and support. That’s one of the benefits of buying MS Office from us. Our software is authentic and backed by our money back guarantee if it is defective which provides you peace of mind while building your confidence in our company.