What Version of Microsoft Office Best Meets Your Needs?

Microsoft Office offers a wide range of programs, features, and tools designed to make your personal, professional, and academic lives easier. If your mission is to communicate better, be more organized, and express your ideas creatively, you’ll love the software suite. It gives you access to everything you need to work freely and productively.

How Do You Work?

When selecting a version to work with, you must first assess your needs. Will you be writing your next novel in MS Word in your free time or use the software to streamline business-related tasks? Will you be typing papers and communicating with fellow classmates because your primary role is student?

How Much Do You Need to Work?

How much will you be using the software? Does it make sense to download Microsoft Office for Mac on your home computer? Or, do you primarily use it for work and need it only on your MacBook?

What Software are You Familiar With?

Are you familiar with Microsoft 10 and prefer to download it? Would a Microsoft Office 2010 product key suit you best? If you know the software well and don’t care to learn how to use other versions, you’re better off downloading what you know.

The Different Versions of MS Office Available

There are four versions of MS Office to choose from. There is a standard version, a professional version, a home business version, and a student version. Newly released software comes out regularly. For example, you’ll have options to buy MS Office 2010, MS Office 2013, and MS Office 2016.

Standard Microsoft Office

The standard version of MS Office gives you access to the tools you need to write letters, update your resume, create spreadsheets, and share slideshows of your family vacation. It’s the most basic version of Office that there is.

Professional Microsoft Office

The professional version is for people who do a lot of writing for work. This could be white papers, legal briefs, reports, and memos. It’s designed to give business professionals access to more tools and options than standard MS Office.

Home Business Microsoft Office

The home business version is for small business owners who are required to do a lot of administrative and accounting work. It offers features that are designed for entrepreneurs. You’re able to share this information with others easily.

Student Microsoft Office

The student version is for academic purposes. It offers tools that make presenting information easier. If you need to give a report or share a slideshow presentation, you can with little effort.

Choose Software and Apps That Meet Your Lifestyle

You have software choices that fit your lifestyle and needs. Nonetheless, Software Keep provides you with software and app options that simplify your busy lifestyle. Rather than wait for your purchase to arrive by mail, you get access to it right after purchasing it.

Instructions to Download Your Software are Emailed to You

An email containing information about your digital download will arrive to your inbox within minutes of checking out on our website. Once you have the software on your computer, you’ll be able to start creating your first Word document, email in Outlook or spreadsheet in Excel. Your project work will suddenly become much more approachable because you have the right tools available to complete it.

Microsoft for Mac or PC?

MS Office is available for Mac and PC. That means that you don’t have to buy a new computer to use it. You’ll choose the version that you want to work with and then elect either Windows or Mac.

Different Commands for Different Operating Systems

This ensures that your operating system supports the software and that you’ll not run into any problems along the way. It’ll help you narrow down your options, too, as different operating systems have different lists of commands. If you find that working on the PC at work is much easier than running Office on your Mac at home, you may want to buy another computer for business-related matters.

Shop Software Keep in Your Own Time

What version of MS Office best meets your needs? You’ll find the wide selection of products offered by Software Keep ideal. Choose the version that you’re interested in and download Microsoft Office right away. You’ll have access to your software just as soon as you’ve purchased and downloaded it.