What Morph Does for Your PowerPoint Presentations

Smoothing transitions in PowerPoint is now easier than ever. Thanks to Morph, you’re able to enhance the quality of your presentations in as little as 90 seconds. To use the transition, you must have PowerPoint for Android phones, PowerPoint mobile, PowerPoint 2016, PowerPoint Online or PowerPoint for Android tablets.

Setting Up Morph Transition

To begin using the Morph transition, you’ll first need to open PowerPoint. Once the program has opened, you’ll see the Thumbnail pane on the left side of the screen. To activate it, you’ll need to select the slide that you want the transition to be applied to. It should be the second slide that you added design elements to.

Next, go to the Transitions tab and choose Morph. Select Transitions and then Effect Options. This allows you to choose how Morph works. You’re able to do a number of things on the slide including change colors, move characters and words around, and much more.

Then you’ll want to click Preview to see Morph in action. Objects are then animated seamlessly across slides. It’s a fun and interesting way to make your PowerPoint presentations stand out. Best of all, it requires little work from you which means you can work on other projects that require your attention.

Benefits of Using PowerPoint for Visual Presentations

There are a number of benefits of using PowerPoint for visual presentations. The first is how clear the message is. It’s not enough to speak about a subject.

When you give concrete evidence about the validity of the points that you’re making, you win people’s trust. They see you as being an expert on the subject. They’re more likely to give you their undivided attention and do what you’re asking of them.

If the mission behind your presentation is to inform people about the dangers of a product or environmental threat, you can do so with ease. If you’re wanting to provide an entertaining presentation about your trip backpacking through Europe, you can. PowerPoint is a versatile tool that works for people from many different lifestyles.

It’s not all business like you might presume. It can be used to introduce a new product to customers, explain why you feel compelled to donate or volunteer to a certain charity or even explain what you plan to do with crowdfunded resources. It’s a verifiable tool that wins you fans, supporters, and customers if used correctly.

PowerPoint Delivers Because It is Packed with Exciting Features

PowerPoint is also packed with a number of features that make your experience better as a creator and presenter. For example, you can use templates that you customize with your own information as a way of saving time and energy. The formatting remains the same but you get to use your own photos, verbiage, and fonts.

Some of the most stand out features is QuickStarter which allows you to research ideas and design suggestions on many different subjects. There is also alt text for photos which helps with SEO. If you need to remove the background from a photo, you’re given that option, too. A pencil tool allows you to mark areas to keep or remove.

There are also closed captions, subtitles, and multiple audio tracks available. This gives people with disabilities the opportunity to get the most from your PowerPoint presentation. This feature is one of the many changes Microsoft has made to its software to make it readily available for everyone even those with low vision and hearing impairments.

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