What is Social Ad Tracking in Excel?

If you’re a marketer who uses Excel to track the progress of your social media campaigns, you’re going to love how Microsoft and Facebook has partnered up to bring you a new reporting tool. The Facebook Ads Manager for Excel, cleverly nicknamed FAME, lets you run a single report and receive current data from multiple advertising accounts. As with every Microsoft program created, the end result is greater efficiency and an overall better experience for the user.

To make the most use of FAME, you’ll need to build and share the templates you create in Excel for reporting purposes. The data that relates to the ads you’re running can be downloaded directly into them so you can measure how successful things are for the campaign.

FAME is Available for Excel 2016 Users

The add-in is available for Excel 2016.  It can be refreshed with new data in as little as 15 minutes. Marketers around the globe look for shortcuts that make their jobs easier.

When it comes to collecting and sorting data, the faster a program is, the better. You’ll be able to work on other things that need your attention while Excel performs this task for you.

Tracking social ads has become a common practice for marketers who want to measure their performance. There are a number of ways to do it but few options for downloading multiple accounts’ data. That means more time analyzing and less time marketing.

Excel 2016 for Windows offers a number of different features.  Office 365 subscribers gain access to the new Dubai font. They also get updates for Get & Transform as well as the Power Query add-in which are helpful options for any business person.

Do You Want to Shape Microsoft Product History with Your Feedback?

They’re able to combine binaries, split column by delimiter and use DB2 Connector. Getting access to new features first is one of the perks of being an Office Insider. To join the free program, you’ll need to determine which device you’ll access Office on because a number are supported by the program.

You’ll then decide whether you want to be part of the Fast Ring or Slow Ring. Fast Ring users get immediate access to updates. They do, however, have bugs in them from time to time so keep that in mind when you make your decision.

If you’d prefer a less buggy version of updates, you can opt to be part of the Slow Ring.  You won’t get updates as quickly but you’ll have an easier time using them when you do. Both programs allows you to give feedback about your experience to Microsoft.

That means that you’ll have a hand in shaping the company’s product history. If that sounds exciting to you, you can sign up for the Office Insiders program right away.

You Need Your Own Copy of Microsoft Office for Home

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