TuneIn Radio is Accessible via Windows 10

One of the latest addition to the apps developed and completely compatible with Windows 10 is TuneIn Radio. This is particularly good news to Windows 10 users who are likewise keen on entertainment and radio programs.  The TuneIn Radio app is described to be responsive, adaptive, and user-friendly.


Cortana, Windows 10's very reliable virtual assistant is likewise integrated into the app. A simple command will instantly launch this radio app.  If you wish to access the app quickly, you likewise have the option to pin the app right to the Start Menu. This is made possible with the LiveTile Support. 


TuneIn Radio makes it possible to users to listen to over 100,000 of radio stations worldwide. This means a plethora of choices as to where you can get to listen to sports news, radio talk shows, news programs, music, podcasts, and more.  With massive choices of programs which can be accessed using this app, users are recommended to create a profile in order to easily manage stations they wish to explore.  The profile lets you select, narrow down, or even check the schedule of your favorite radio programs.


This app is also made available to any users from all across the globe.  Anyone can explore and will be given the chance to check out stations you never knew existed. Whether you are using Windows PC or your favorite tablet that comes with Windows 10, you can simply download the app by heading to the Windows Store. The best part is --- this is FREE. As for the app for mobile phones, developers are currently working on it so you can be guaranteed of the best quality. Rest assured that you will be informed about updates accordingly through the TuneIn Radio app or Microsoft.


If you're not yet using Windows 10, download it here