The Benefits of Using Microsoft Office at Home

If you’re wondering why so many people choose to download Microsoft Office and use it at home, you’re not alone. It’s important to understand the features of any software that you plan to use on a regular basis. This allows you to make an informed decision as to which version you need to get your homework or paperwork done.

Ask What You Need Office For

When selecting software for your word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation needs, first ask why you need to download Office. Is it necessary for school or work? Once you’ve determined how you’ll use the software, you’ll be able to decide between Office 2016 Student and Office Professional Plus 2016.

Choose Between Mac or PC Versions of the Software

The latest versions of the software allows you to download Microsoft Office for Mac or for PC. You’ll be asked which you want to have on your computer. Depending on the operating system you have, you may be fine using an older version of Office 2013 Student or Office Professional Plus 2013.


Use Word for School or Work

The benefits of using Microsoft Office at home are numerous as mentioned above. Having access to a full suite of programs makes it easier for you to track and meet your goals. It doesn’t matter if you use MS Office for school or work. You’ll find it an irreplaceable tool that adds to your success academically and professionally. Explore more benefits here


Features are Designed to Make Your Life Easier

Download Microsoft Office and see what types of features are offered with the version of the software you’ve chosen to buy and use. You’re likely to find it a valuable tool that helps you increase efficiency and organize your home or small business. With the right software, you’re able to have a visual reminder of how well things are going with your family or company.


For example, you know how you’ve been wanting to keep track of expenditures so that you know how well your household or business budget is working for you? Excel gives you access to this information day and night. At a glance, you’re able to see how your spending affects the amount of money you’re able to save each month.


It gives you a realistic picture of what you need to do to cut back on unnecessary expenses and sock away more savings into your bank account. Your spreadsheet can reflect fixed expenses as well as fluctuating expenses so you can see what needs to be done to reduce your reliance on credit cards to make it through until the next pay period.


A Number of Programs at Your Fingertips

Download MS Office Professional 2013 and explore the many options that it offers you. You’ll have access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, and OneNote. The software is available for download on two computers making it easy to have it on both your desktop and your laptop.


Run Your Small Business from Home without a Hitch

If you run a small business from your home, freelance or want to keep things in your personal life in order, Office is the perfect solution for you. You’ll be able to write articles, draft proposals, create color presentations, manage email, and even layout pages with the software suite.


Forbes states that Microsoft Office is one of eleven tools every entrepreneur needs. The publication notes just how much bang for the buck the software delivers by offering a range of programs from word processing to email for you to use. Best of all, you pay one price for MS Office instead of buying each program individually.


This allows you to get a higher return on your investment because as a business owner, it’s hard not to create Word documents, fliers, and brochures to advertise and promote your company. The software allows you to do that and more.


Imagine how much easier things will be for you when you have multiple tools available that help you get the job done fast. Your work will look polished and professional which is all the more reason for you to download Office. It doesn’t matter if you’re a student looking for the perfect career or an established small business owner working from a home office, MS Office offers solutions for you.