Remove Blank Rows in Excel with Ease

When it comes to getting your task list done, there’s nothing stopping you. With access to the right tools, you’re able to complete projects with gusto. You don’t have to worry about anything interfering the flow of your workday. You simply pull up the program that you need to access and get busy.

What if you accidentally have more blank rows than you need in Excel? How do you delete them? Do you know how to do it quickly, or do you expect it to be an all-day task? It won’t take you no time at all once you learn how to delete unnecessary rows from your spreadsheets.

Here’s what you need to do to remove blank rows in Excel with ease:

  • Make a copy of your spreadsheet.

    It prevents you from starting over in the event that you remove too many rows of the document. If you enter the wrong commands, you may delete information that you worked hard to include in the cells.
  • Remove blank rows automatically.

    To do this, you need to let Excel know which areas of the spreadsheet are applicable when searching for blank rows. You can do this by highlighting the cells that relate to this option. You’ll then be prompted to press F5. A dialog box will appear that reads Go To. Click on the button at the bottom that reads “Special”. From there, you’ll want to choose “Blanks”. Press OK to confirm this option. You’ll then see the empty rows highlighted in blue. Take a look to make sure they’re correct before removing them. You’ll see the Home tab at the top and the option to Delete. Select “Cells” from the dropdown menu. You can “Delete Cells” opposed to “Delete Sheet Rows”. You’ll see a new pop-up window that allows you to determine what to do with the newly acquired space. Select “Shift cells up.” Click “OK,” and note how you no longer have the space left behind by empty row.

As you can see there isn’t much effort involved with removing blank rows once you’ve done it a time or two. You’ll be able to do it quickly and without much thought after trying it a few times. Removing blank rows makes it so your spreadsheets look more polished and professional.

It’s something you can do any time you create a spreadsheet. The one thing to remember, however, is to save a hard copy of the document. In the event you make a mistake, you’ll be able to go back and fix it without starting over from scratch.

Excel Shortcuts Makes Productivity a Priority

If you want to make productivity a priority, you’ll want to learn some shortcuts in Excel. Being able to use keyboard shortcuts and function keys saves you time and effort. Rather than access the menu each time you need to give the program a command, you’re able to do it right from your keyboard.

It’s a convenient way to get things done quickly. If being efficient is one of your most desired traits, consider it done with MS Office. The productivity software is designed to make fast work of any task.

Once you’re familiar with how things run, you’ll be able to complete tasks such as removing blank rows from Excel in minutes. You’ll be able to get through your To Do list faster than before.

How Software Keep Helps You Stay on Top of Your Task List

Make Excel work well for you. Remove blank rows effortlessly by following the advice given above. The idea is to be more productive in everything you do.

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