Project Online Gets Even Better with 3 New Improvements

There is certainly no stopping Project Online in terms of innovation and improvement to cater to people's needs. Aside from making project and portfolio management a breeze, the tea, behind this online platform are always in the look for its continuous improvement.

Microsoft Project Online Team has revealed three exciting new features of the platform. The changes are brought about by users requests. Get to know the three biggest additions to the feature and functionality of Project Online below.


1.    Say Hello to Improved E-mail Notification

One of the most requested features to be incorporated is an email notification system. An improved version has been included recently so as to keep the resource managers and the project managers in the loop.  The improved e-mail notification fundamentally keeps you informed about milestones, due dates, and the amount of workload your individual member has for now. If you want to see how it works, simply visit their support page.


2.    Larger Field Limits for Reporting Needs

No need to squeeze in those texts during report writing as Project Online has given its field limits a boost.  After getting hold of an overwhelming feedback on this concern, the Project Online team has maximised both the Project custom fields and the Time custom fields by providing 450 text fields and the same number of look out tables.


3.    Your Projects Now Got a Name

Yes, your projects will not get their own IDs. These unique IDs are automatically assigned every time you start a new project. Needless to say, having a specific ID on each project lets you refer to references more effectively.  The ID system is now built-in so project managers and leaders need not manually enter a code every time a new project gets rolled out.


The ID system is made possible by linking your project ID under the Enterprise Project Type (EPT). The EPT’s are now equipped with ID Definition. Your job is only to input the Minimum Digit Padding, a prefix and postfix, and a starting number. Then everything else is automated.


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