Office 365 Now Has a Guest Access Feature

When you thought that Microsoft couldn’t possibly surprise you any further, the company announced the guest access feature for Office 365. The game changing move now allows users to invite non-staff members to use the online version of Outlook. Collaborating has never been easier thanks to this time saving feature.

How a Person Accesses Files

Here’s how this MS Office feature works. First, an email address needs to be linked to Microsoft. It doesn’t have to be an address to work, either. Whenever the add is successful, the guest receives a welcome email as well as invites in the form of messages and important calendar events from group members. They also are able to gain access to SharePoint group files.

Communication Just Got Better

Automatic access to cloud-based file attachments is also an option that non-staff members are able to enjoy. This helps businesses of all sizes communicate better and more efficiently using Outlook. Microsoft’s commitment to being innovative with its software and apps has changed the world of communicating and computing for the better.

Gadgets 360 reports that the guest access feature is being rolled out in phases. It will show up on other platforms in the near future. That’s good news for people using other versions of MS Office. They’ll, too, have their day soon.

Choose the Microsoft Office Version That’s Best for You

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If you want to collaborate straight away, you’ll want to download Office 365. If you don’t mind waiting a while to gain access to the guest feature, you’ll have it in a matter of no time. Microsoft moves quickly when developing because it wants to be your software of choice.

An Investment That Gives You Many Options

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