Microsoft Welcomes Back Key Developer of Word and Excel Programs

Microsoft knows a good thing when its sees it. That’s why the company made the decision to bring back Charles Simonyi, a legendary employee responsible for creating Word and Excel programs. Acquiring talent is something Microsoft is well-known for. After all, it takes special people to create life-changing, innovative products such as MS Office.

Simonyi Starts His Own Company Decades Later

Simonyi worked for the company in 1981. He was in charge of overseeing the development of products such as MS Word and MS Excel. In 2002, he launched his own company named Intentional Software. It was said to reinvent productivity software for modern workplaces.

The billionaire software executive has a long list of accomplishments since leaving the company. In fact, he’s married, traveled to space, and donated millions of dollars to worthy causes along with Bill Gates. It’s only fitting that he would return to the company that helped launch his career.

A Philanthropist Extraordinaire

The Charles and Lisa Simonyi Fund supports a number of Seattle organizations, schools, and attractions. Among the list is The Museum of Flight, the Seattle Symphony, Seattle University, the Seattle Public Library, and the Seattle Art Museum. The generous philanthropist has also help fund RNO, Louisiana Museum for Moderne Kist, the Institute for Advanced Study, Alliance for Education, and the Seattle Opera. As you can see, Simonyi and his wife are committed to making the world a better place by helping finance things they feel are important such as the arts.

A History of Exceeding Customer Expectations

Going above and beyond to create the best software suite available is what Microsoft does. Regular updates to programs and features makes it among the most sought-after productivity tools available. Accessibility options help people with vision and hearing impairments make good use of Office and all that it has to offer.

CEO Satya Nadella has done wonders for the company by purchasing popular email and calendar applications, acquiring LinkedIn for $26 billion, and building its own Slack-like, workplace communication tool. With a focus on productivity, the company continues to make great strides in the direction of technology. Its software and applications are among the most widely used and highly regarded products in the world.

We Put Our Customers First

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