Microsoft Office 365’s Latest Update is All About Teamwork

The latest update to grace Microsoft Office 365 emphasizes Teamwork. Co-authoring was available in other programs but not in Excel until now. Workers can collaborate on spreadsheets together using SharePoint Online, OneDrive or OneDrive for Business. The end result is faster completion time, better use of employee resources, and more opportunities to work on bigger projects because they can be broken down into tasks which are delegated to the team.

How the Update Benefits Educators and Classrooms

Teachers also benefit from the update because they’re able to view the notes that they’ve taken and saved into their OneNote class notebooks in the app. Educators are able to do more than they ever did before thanks to Microsoft’s latest improvements. Handing out assignments, welcoming guest speakers, and even discussing content is a possibility through Teams.

Administrators can restrict third-party apps to keep the focus on learning. Class assignments and private chat can also be disabled as a way of personalizing the Teams function. This prevents it from being abused.

AutoSave Keeps Changes from Being Lost

An AutoSave option keeps users from having to save their work continuously. It’s available in Word and PowerPoint Excel. When documents are saved, they’re automatically in the cloud.

If the program was to shut down without notice, users could retrieve the changes they made by accessing OneDrive or SharePoint. If anyone knows how it feels to lose all the work they’ve done because they didn’t save enough, they’ll be thrilled that the newest Microsoft update provides AutoSave.

Microsoft Software and Apps Do More Than Other Companies’ Offerings

Microsoft is always on the look-out for ways to improve its software and applications so that they’re more user-friendly and useful. The benefit to this is that you’ll always have a superior product to work with. The software and apps that you buy enable you to do so much more than most singular products from other companies.

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Collaborate Easier Than Before with the Right Tools

Collaborating on projects has never been easier with the right tools. Maximize efficiency, increase productivity, and go home with energy by sharing tasks with other people in the workplace. Microsoft is all about simplifying things to make them easier for you to complete in less time.

Install Your Copy of Office onto Your PC or Mac Today

Install your copy right away. You’ll be able to collaborate with ease once you do. You won’t have to worry about projects with tight deadlines because you’ll have everyone working on it at once.

Make deadlines with ease, please your superiors and clients, and be proud of what you’ve achieved. Being able to work with your team allows you to get more done in less time so that you’re able to work on other projects and make more money. That’s what co-authoring helps you achieve.

Take Advantage of Co-Authoring in Word and Excel

You’re not limited to just Word for co-authoring, either. You’ll be able to work on spreadsheets together and complete them quicker than before. You’ll also be able to stay on track of who’s done what by seeing when a person changes something on their end or leaves for the day.

Know what is going on with every project every single time you work on it. Start co-authoring and keep in contact with your team. Once you have your software downloaded and installed on your computer, you’ll be ready to go.

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