Microsoft is all about education

Microsoft invests in education and has many learning tools available for students to improve their learning process. OneNote is a good example. This app has interesting features that allows students to work collaboratively.


Before OneNote you had to use different softwares simultaneously to write notes. Now, all the information you need can be combined in just one notebook. The goal is to keep all thoughts and ideas in just one place.


References and web researches can be gathered for later consultation as you incorporate photos and documents. Save anything you want on a single click or just send it directly to OneNote by email using 


Besides that, there’s no need to choose a single device to focus your work on. Your notes will be available on all your devices, including tablets and smartphones. It’s really useful to be able to access OneNote anywhere you want, even on mobile.


OneNote also enables students to share a task with friends and classmates. Ideia boards or notebooks can be consulted by everyone you decide to share it with - they can even edit the work in progress.


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