Learn How Much Time is Spent Editing Microsoft Word Documents

Knowing how much time is spent editing Microsoft Word documents helps you allocate resources sufficiently. If you don’t allow a lot of time for revisions, it could wind up costing you later projects in the future. Similarly, if you pay for editing and it doesn’t take as long as you first thought, you can use the remaining time for other projects.

Be Mindful About Closing Documents That You are Not Using

The first thing to know is that the time tracking features starts the minute a document is open. For the most accurate results, it’s important to save the work that has been done and exiting out of the program after an editing session to maintain accurate time counts. Otherwise, it may appear that it took longer to edit a document than what time was actually necessary.

Locating the Amount of Time Spent on a Particular Document

To find editing time within Word 2016 for Windows, you’ll need to click on File Menu and then select the Info tab in Backstage. Under the column reading Properties, you’ll see a list that says Total Editing Time which is what you need to take note of.

The document will then read a specific amount of minutes. This lets you see how long it has taken to edit the document in its entirety. This gives you an idea as to how much time you should allocate for similar projects.

An additional way to find this information is by going to the Properties box within the document. You can click on File Explorer then Properties and then the Details tab. You’ll see information about the document including the total editing time.

How to Find This Information on a Mac Instead of a PC

If you’re using a Mac versus a PC, the process of obtaining this data is different. Open the document and then click File followed by Properties. Choose the Statistics tab to view the total editing time.

A thing to note is that the Finder isn’t going to support this option. If you don’t open Word for Mac, you won’t obtain the information. That’s why you’ll want the actual document you’re reviewing open.

The Benefits of Efficiency

Being efficient has its advantages. For example, did you know that it requires little work to run a software suite such as Office? You have access to the programs, tools, and features needed to complete a variety of tasks.

The programs are designed to work seamlessly with each other. For example, if you need to email a document that you wrote in Word, you can attach it to the message that you send in Outlook. That saves you time and reduces wasted effort.

When you’re efficient, you’re able to get things done quickly and accurately. You have more time to proof and edit your documents in the event that a mistake was made. You have a more polished and professional file to share with others.

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