How Microsoft Has Raised the Bar Once Again with PowerPoint

So, Microsoft has done it again. It’s taken its popular software suite, Office, and updated its programs. PowerPoint, a slideshow creator, can now translate presentations in real time. That means greater understanding for everyone in the audience.

No More Lost Messages and Missed Opportunities

How many times has a message been lost because of a language barrier? Probably more often than most people care to admit. If a non-native English speaker is unfamiliar with the language being used throughout the presentation, he or she loses out, too.

If there isn’t a physical person available to translate the presentation, it doesn’t resonate with the people in the audience who don’t speak the same language as the presenter. Because of this add-in, however, no translator is needed because PowerPoint does the work for you. Think about how professional your slideshows will be now that you’re speaking clearly to everyone you’re presenting to.

No Language Barriers Thanks to Revolutionary Thinking

Thanks to the revolutionary thinking of Microsoft, there are no language barriers. The software giant is exploring different options that allow PowerPoint users to present foreign language slides. The add-in debuted at the Build developers conference in May 2017.

People responded well to what they saw. The idea that a language can be translated in real time during a presentation without an interpreter is incredible. The crowd agreed!

The Microsoft Translator App Changes Everything

Presenters have the option to download the Microsoft Translator app. It is then synced to the presentation. The link provides closed captioning on the slides instantly.

It is currently available for Windows only now. You can request access to it by filling out a simple form with your contact information. You’ll find that form here.

The Add-In is in Early Stages of Development

The presentation from Microsoft didn’t go without a hitch, though. It still had difficulty picking up the speaker’s Chinese. The company is, however, working on perfecting the software before its official release date.

Like with any new offering, it will see improvements as people provide feedback about its effectiveness. The Microsoft Insider Program gives men and women the opportunity to test out new updates from the company free of charge. To participate, you’re asked to be honest about your experiences as a user.

Eliminate Linguistic Barriers Between Presenters and Attendees

The objective is to “help eliminate linguistic barriers between presenters and attendees” according to the Verge. In doing so, presenters are able to achieve more because they’re able to communicate clearly to their audiences. A download of Microsoft Office becomes an even more valuable tool because of all the features it offers users.

Gain Access to PowerPoint and All of Its Features with Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office for Mac or PC gives you access to PowerPoint and all of its incredible tools and features. You’re then able to deliver a presentation to a broader audience because you’re able to customize content and translate slides. If you haven’t had an opportunity to download a copy of the popular software suite, you can do so digitally.

Digital Downloads Allow You to Access MS Software Immediately

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