Here’s How to Collaborate with Your Team on Word Documents

Let’s face it, teamwork helps businesses get things done efficiently. That’s why people are always asked to work as a team. Ideas flow better, things get delegated, and tasks get done ahead of schedule. If your business would benefit from online collaboration, you’ll love the changes Microsoft offers with its word processing program, Word. You can now work with a team in real-time through a feature called co-authoring.

Authorize the Share Option

To get started, you’ll want to save a document to the cloud. In order to do this, you’ll need to choose the Share option and then Save to Cloud. You now have the option to use OneDrive or SharePoint Online, select the folder you want to use, and hit Save once again. If you’ve never used the cloud to save something before, you’ll need to choose Add a Place. Keep this in mind as you’re going through the steps to collaborate with your team.

Invite Members of Your Team to Join You

You then have the option to Share. By doing so, you’ll need to access the Invite people box and type in each member of your team’s email addresses. Set the Automatically share changes options to Ask me or Always before choosing Share. This designates who can work on the document and how the changes they make appear. One requires your approval for each change that is made, while the other lets changes show up naturally within the document.

Make Sure Automatic Sharing is Set Up

You can then open the Word document in Word 2016 or Word Online. Make sure that automatic sharing is set up. Then, you’ll see the changes being made as your team works on the document. You can assign them different areas of the text which are indicated by colored flags with their name on it. If someone accesses the document or has to leave, you’ll receive notifications that it is happening.

Field Comments and Mark Them Read

You can chat with people through Skype for Business and also make comments along the way. If people make comments within the document, you can read them and mark them as read in order to avoid confusion. This makes it easier to address situations as they arise. It also gives you an idea as to whom needs additional information or help to complete their part of editing or adding to the document.

Monitor Document Activity

You can monitor document activity through the Activity pane. It lets you see what has been changed throughout the document. It also gives you options to look at other types of activities. This helps you and your team stay on task because you know exactly what has been done and what hasn’t.

Being able to see what others have contributed to a document allows you to move forward with the task by delegating additional responsibilities to members of your team. It improves communications because it forces people to write and add feedback about their contributions. It makes things more efficient because no one is waiting around for a task to be done before doing their own part.

The days of writing a report or creating an ebook and waiting for someone to edit it afterwards is over. Now, it can be done as other parts of the document are completed. This saves companies time and money in labor costs. It allows them to produce a final product that is polished and professional, too.

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