Gain Access to PowerPoint on Your Xbox One

Windows 10’s OneDrive app has made its debut on Xbox One. The new app allows users to access Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents stored on OneDrive. This is a real game changer since the old app only allowed people to show photos not access documents. Unfortunately, it does not support PDFs.

What the OneDrive App Does

The OneDrive app gives users access to every file stored on the cloud as well as on your computer. You’re able to pull up the different documents of your choice using your Xbox One but you will receive a fail notice if you try to open a PDF. As long as you stick to documents, spreadsheets, and PowerPoints, you’ll be just fine.

The Differences Between OneDrive Personal and OneDrive Business

There are two different versions of OneDrive. There is one for Personal use and another for Business use. It comes pre-installed on Windows 10 which you can purchase from Get MS Office at a discounted price. It then gives you access to your files and photos on PC, Mac, Android, and iOS devices as well as your Xbox One.

OneDrive allows users to collaborate on projects in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote from the convenience of their desktop, mobile devices, and the web. It’s a powerful app with endless potential. Students and business people from all industries use it because they’re required to work on projects together with the common goal of completing them by deadline.

For businesses, OneDrive allows you to sync files from a PC or Mac and access them from a mobile device or favorite browser. You can collaborate and share in real time anywhere. Microsoft’s security features include advanced encryption, compliance, and other measures designed to protect sensitive information by keeping it out of the wrong party’s hands.

How to Access the New OneDrive

In order to access the new OneDrive, you’ll need to visit Microsoft’s Store and search for the OneDrive app. Removing the old app prevents you from mixing the two up. You’ll want to use the most current version as it is the one that supports Xbox One. It’s free and compliments the Microsoft Office software you intend to buy and use in the future.

Where to Download Microsoft Software and Apps Fast

If you’re unaware of how to download Microsoft software and apps quickly, you should know how easy it is with a digital download from Get MS Office. Within minutes, you gain access to your favorite MS products. That means that it’s game on faster than you imagined! Use your Xbox One to share photographs with your family and friends. It’s a helpful feature made possible by the OneDrive app.

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The Get MS Office Guarantee

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Extend your OneDrive use to the Xbox One. Purchase Microsoft software from Get MS Office before downloading the OneDrive app. Create the documents, slides, and spreadsheets you want to view or share with others prior to using the app.

See for yourself what a game changer having the OneDrive application is. You’ve spent all that time perfecting your PowerPoint presentations, right? Why not go the extra step and find an audience to show them to again?