Formatting Your Manuscript Using Microsoft Word

Are you a writer looking for a professional way to present your work to others? If you want others to read your manuscript with ease, you’ve got to have the right tools for the job. Microsoft Word is a powerful word processing program with excellent formatting capabilities. You can take your text and present it in a way that grabs people’s attention and gets them interested in you as a writer.

The first goal of any writer is to get the words out of their head and into a Word document. Formatting is often done at a later date, once everything has been written, or in stages depending on the subject and deadline given. With that being said, however, how the document is formatted is what grabs the attention of the reader so it’s something that writers should spend extra time perfecting.

Formatting Features That Make Designing and Laying Out Text Quick and Easy

Microsoft Word is filled with formatting features that help you design and layout the perfect manuscript. From choosing font styles, sizes, and colors to adding titles, subtitles, headings, and footers, there are ways to organize your thoughts in a document once you’re done typing them out.

You can easily add a table of contents as well as bibliography or resource page. Numbering pages so that the reader can follow along as the story progresses takes seconds, too. You can even use word art to add style to paragraphs as well as insert photos, graphics, charts, and tables.

Make Quick Work Out of Formatting Your Manuscript

As you can see options exist that make quick work out of formatting your manuscript. Paragraph indentions, line spacing, and margins help maintain the flow of the document. Once you have everything formatted the way you need it to be, you can submit your manuscript to the appropriate party.

Microsoft is a leader in software solutions for good reason. The company creates innovative products that they make accessible for people from all walks of life. They consider that their users may have physical limitations so they add features that make using their software easy and less frustrating.

Share Your Brilliant Writing with the World Using Microsoft Office

If you don’t have a copy of Microsoft Office yet, you can download it instantly from Get MS Office. You’ll have plenty of time to test drive all of your options to see which are right for you. As a writer, you’ll come across a lot of software to use.

Nothing gives you the variety of options that you need as much as Microsoft Word does. Students, businesspeople, and enterprises use Office for their needs. As a writer, your words are your business.

Taking a few minutes to acquaint yourself with the version of Word that you chose to digitally download helps you navigate the software with ease.

That’s why you need a powerhouse word processing program. You need for it to do more than serve as a place to record your thoughts. You want it to communicate those ideas clearly and concisely to others.

Microsoft Office offers you the solutions that you need. You can even use Excel to keep track of who you’ve submitted submissions to. You can send emails for online submissions through Outlook.

You don’t have to spend your valuable time and money trying to get others to read what you’ve written. They’ll want to because of the way you’ve presented your work. Once you’ve bought a copy of MS Office from Get MS Office, you’ll quickly see how easy it is to produce professional level work in half the time.

Make Your Story One People Want to Read and Share with Others

Purchase a copy of Microsoft Office Professional 2016 and transform the story you’ve been wanting to write into a manuscript that others read. Who knows, you may attract the attention of a publisher or movie studio! Microsoft provides the tools and you provide the creativity.

Get MS Office offers a variety of MS software and applications to meet your needs as a writer. Start thinking about how your next manuscript can be the one that changes your life. Format it in a way that speaks volumes about your creativity and level of professionalism.