Five Ways Microsoft Office Can Help You with Branding Your Business

When it comes to branding your business, there are many things you can do for free. You don’t have to hire an expensive advertising company to do the work for you. In fact, Microsoft Office gives you the ability to personalize documents so they fit your company’s image. From color matching text to the logo you’ve chosen to create premium business cards bearing your contact information, you’ve got options.

The popular software suite does more than you ever guessed it would. In addition to creating reports, drafting emails, drawing up spreadsheets, and putting together slideshow presentations, you can do a number of different things to help your business gain momentum by just using Word, Microsoft’s word processing program. You’ll see just how versatile the software suite is once you’ve had a chance to use it.

Here are five ways that Microsoft Office can help you with branding your business:

  1. With custom letterhead.

    When you’re a business, you send a lot of communications physically and digitally. What better way to get your brand’s message across than with carefully designed letterhead? Thanks to all the different templates that come with MS Word, you have options. You can include your own contact information and logo. You can even color match text to the logo so that everything looks clean and consistent.
  2. With professional looking business cards.

    If you want people to contact you at a future date, you’ll want to provide them with the details that make that possible. That’s why you need to have business cards with your contact information on them. You can easily create your own using MS Word. Add your logo or choice of image as well as your business name, first and last name, address, phone number, and email address. It helps to give people an idea of what you do, too, so they know why your products or services are of value to them.
  3. With personalized email signatures.

    Add your business details to the bottom of the emails you send to people. You can include your logo and contact information the way you did with the business cards you created. This gives people the opportunity to reach out to you by phone or by sending mail to your physical address.
  4. With a brochure of your most popular products and services.

    Highlight some of the things you offer as a business to others. You can create your own brochures in Word to hand out. People can see what you offer and get to know the products and services that make your company unique. You can save a brochure as a template, too, and print additional copies of it whenever you need them. It’s a smart way to keep costs down.
  5. With a presentation geared toward potential customers.

    Use PowerPoint to create a slideshow that you can put on your website or social media accounts. People can see what you’re up to as a company and get to know what you have to sell to them. This allows them to get a feel for your policies and values before making a commitment to buy from you. PowerPoint presentations are great because you can embed photos, charts, graphs, images, and music into them. People can see the personality of your brand through the choices that you make, too. This gives them a reason to ask for additional information by contacting you.

Brand your business with the help of Microsoft Office. Once you’ve downloaded a digital copy of the popular software suite from the Get MS Office website, look for an email from us. It contains the instructions needed to install the software onto your PC or Mac.

You’ll have no problem getting started with your marketing plan. When your branding is consistent, people stop and take notice of you. That’s why it’s important to work with the tools that you have on hand to make sure that your business grows and reaches the goals you’ve set for it.

Avoid losing valuable time waiting for your software to arrive. With Get MS Office, you can download your software immediately. Then, you can get started on your branding so that your business gets the attention it so richly deserves.