Design Elements That Make Your Word Documents Stand Out

When a plain Word document won’t do, it’s time to think outside the box of ways to make your files stand out. Luckily, Microsoft Office 2016 offers a wide range of design tools that help you create docs that look good and read well. To access them, open a new Word document and go to the fourth tab named “Design”. There, you’ll find everything you need to create outstanding ebooks, brochures, invitations, cards, and flyers.

If you’ve never done more than type in Word, you’ll be excited to know that it does so much more. In fact, you have a lot of design options that you may have not even known about.

Here are some design elements that make your Word documents stand out:

  • Themes.

    This option allows you to select a theme for your document. It offers complementary colors that you can customize for yourself. This option makes it easier to determine which color to use for borders, headers, titles, and text. It allows you to give files a sense of mood without even adding a single photograph, chart or graph.
  • Colors.

    Change the color of the font you’re using as well as the highlighter offered on the Home tab. You’ll see a range of options to choose from and can even customize colors based on a logo or photograph. This helps you match text precisely to the visual elements you include in the document.
  • Paragraph Spacing. 

    Determine how much space you want to be between lines of text. You have options. The presets include 1.0 to 3.0 spacing. You can also choose to space before a paragraph or remove the space after a paragraph.
  • Effects.

    Add Glowing Edges, Glossy, Milk Glass, and other design effects to texts, shapes, and photos. Transform their appearance in seconds using these incredible design tools. You’ll be amazed at how a simple effect can give an element a new look entirely. If you have an image, shape or word that you want to emphasize in some way, it’s easy. Go through the different effects to find the one that you like best and apply it to your file as you work.
  • Watermark.

    Add “Confidential” and “Do Not Copy” to sensitive documents in seconds. The Watermark tool puts this on every page of the file in the background. Text is legible but you can still read the watermark underneath it.
  • Page Color.

    Change the color of the actual page, not just the text. This is a great way to make a file more dramatic. Use a black background with white text or a red background at holiday times with green text.
  • Page Borders.

    Yet another option for adding color to a file, page borders can be customized using thin or thick lines as well as dotted, dashed, and other decorated elements. It’s a great to fill negative space and give files a new and improved look.

Transform the look of your documents without needing to buy additional design software. You’ve got basic tools that help you achieve your desired look. You can also use the tools under the Draw tab and Layout tab to finetune your files.

You’ll create professional documents in no time flat thanks to all the different options available in MS Word Professional. You can customize each document however you see fit or create a template that you save and use repeatedly. The choice is up to you.

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