Create a Professional Looking Newsletter with Microsoft Word

A well-designed newsletter says a lot about your business. It creates a great first impression on customers and lets them know the latest happenings with your company. Newsletters can be created digitally, printed, and mailed to customers. They can also be created in programs such as Microsoft Word and sent as an email attachment to the members of your company’s mailing list.

The content of a newsletter can do more than inform. It can be designed to educate, recruit, entertain, and promote. You can even have other businesses advertise in it to help with publishing costs. The sky is virtually the limit when it comes to what you put in the newsletter itself.

Getting the Layout Right

Here’s what you need to do to get started. You’ll first want to open a new document. Once you’ve done this, go to Page Layout and then Page Setup.

You’ll be asked to choose the Size which is Legal 8.5” x 14”. You’ll also want to make sure that it is set up in Landscape Orientation. Click on the tab that reads View and choose One Page so you’re able to see everything on the page.

In the same location, you’ll see a button that reads Columns. Select Two Columns which gives you a total of four pages when folded in half. Once you’ve done this, you’ll want to return to Normal view which is 100%.

In the Home position, you’ll need to type =Rand(30,6) before pressing Enter. The first number represents the number of paragraphs and the second represents the number of sentences in each paragraph.

Use page layout features to create a newsletter that helps your customers visualize your business. It’s easy when you have access to Microsoft Word. The word processing program is a part of Office, Microsoft’s popular software suite. You can download a copy of the latest version of MS Office for Mac or PC immediately when you shop the Software Depot virtual storefront.

Setting Up Pages

You’ll need to set up your pages. You don’t want the space in-between, the gutter, to be too small. This is usually due to the margins being too large.

To do this, go to Page Layout and then Page Setup. You’ll find the Margins button and the option for Custom Margins. Under the tab that reads Margins, it will come up with default settings.

You’ll be able to modify this option after you change Multiple Pages to Book Fold. The next field, Sheets per Booklet, allows you to choose a number. Select 4 for this project.

You’ll want to change the Top, Bottom, Gutter, and Gutter Position settings. The Top, Inside, and Outside should be 0.65”, the Bottom 0.75”, and the Gutter to 0.5” Click Ok after previewing it.

You can then click Layout and Page Setup to find Section then Section Start and Even Page. Choose Insert then Footer. You’ll find the style you want for the left and right pages. Then choose Page Number and Bottom of the Page..

Adding Captions and Formatting Graphics

If you want to add graphics, charts, and photos to your newsletter, you can do so with ease by placing your cursor at the beginning of the second paragraph. You’ll then need to go to Insert and then Picture. Select the photo that you want to add and choose insert.

Once the cursor has been place on the photo, right click it with the mouse. Choose Insert Caption. Where it says Options, make sure to choose Figure, Equation or Table from the menu.

You’ll then be able to type words and phrases under Caption. You can Position it Above or Below the graphic, chart or photo. You can also renumber the format of the Figure, Table or Equation numbers by choosing Numbering.

When you’re through, press OK. This allows you to move onto the next step with ease.