Back to School: How to Be Prepared

With school starting all over the country, you’re likely making last minute preparations. One of the most important ways to get ready for the upcoming academic year is to download MS Office so that you have it on hand when you need it. The software offers a multitude of programs designed to take care of your word processing, presentation, and documentation needs.


Ready to Use in Minutes

Downloading Student Microsoft Office is easy and it takes very little time to complete the process. Once the program has been successfully loaded onto your computer, you can create a variety of documents including cover letters, resumes, reports, spreadsheets, and slideshows. You can add different forms of media to these items, too, including photographs, shapes, and music where applicable.


Different Versions for Mac and PC

It doesn’t matter what type of project you need to complete.  If you download Microsoft Office for Mac or PC, you’ll always be prepared. It’s the type of tool you can’t live without as a student. You’ll use the software on a weekly basis if not daily.


Regular Updates and Additions Keep You on Top of Your Schoolwork

Deciding what version of Microsoft Office to download is a matter of personal preference. The latest version of the software gives you a multitude of options, many of which are updated and added to on a regular basis. TechTarget notes that there is even the option to download MS Office onto mobile devices but that the applications don’t offer all of the features that the software offers. Downloadable computer versions of Office are best because there are a number of applications that integrate seamlessly with Word.


MS Office is Convenient and Accessible

What’s great about having the option to download Office is that it puts power at your fingertips. You don’t have to visit your school or public library to type a paper or create a spreadsheet in Excel. You can do it from your home, dorm room or favorite coffee shop which is convenient when you have a busy school schedule. You don’t have to sacrifice one minute of your time because you already have the tools that you need to get your schoolwork done.


A Software Suite with Many Programs and Features

Once you’ve had the chance to download Microsoft Office and experiment with its different programs and features, you realize just how important of a tool it is for your academic studies. You’ll use it to write papers, type up notes, create cover sheets for reports, draft a resume for potential job offers, keep track of your spending, and share your college experience in presentation form for your parents and friends back home to see.


Pick Up Where You Left Off

MS Word has its advantages when compared to other word processing programs according to CNET. One exciting feature Office 2016 offers is allowing its users to pick up where they left off when creating a document. Once the file has been opened, Word lets you see what you typed last and lets you continue without a hitch by simply clicking your mouse.


It’s been compared to the bookmark feature used with webpages. It’s a timesaving option for students faced with a lengthy project that spans over the course of days and weeks. Imagine how much time you’ll save each semester by using this valuable tool.


Conduct Research Inside a Program

Another amazing feature in Office 2016 is Smart Lookup. The research tool allows you to run a Bing search without leaving the project that you’re working on in Word, Excel or PowerPoint. If you’re short on time but have plenty of research projects to complete, you’ll appreciate this feature and the amount of time it saves you.


Going back to school requires preparation. That’s why it’s important for you to buy MS Office as soon as you can. Then, you’ll have time to explore the different features and programs that it offers. By the time school is in full swing, you’ll be a Microsoft Office expert.


Taking the time to familiarize yourself with the different features offered by the version of MS Word you’ve chosen to buy gives you options as to how you can best use the software. In no time at all, you’ll be completing the projects that your professors assigned you with ease. That is the key to having a successful semester.


Download MS Office 2016 right now!