With over 100 million people using Azure Active Directory and Office 365 monthly, it only makes sense that Microsoft work on its Graph technology to make it better. Developers are exploring the option of building on top of the social features offered by the subscription service. Two areas of focus include Graph and Teams to improve the workflow known as microwork.

What Graph Can Do for You

If you’re familiar with the two services, you’ll know how important these changes are in increasing productivity. For starters, Microsoft Graph offers more than 10,000 new applications each month that are built over the top of Office’s services. They’re designed to bring context to what Microsoft offers.

To gain a better understanding of how it works, InfoWorld explains that “Office apps don’t simply extract documents or contracts, they bring in context. For example, with a calendar entry for a meeting, you can bring in who was at the meeting, what their roles are in your organization, and what documents they worked on while they met.” Knowing these important details helps users find better and more efficient ways to use Word.

You must build the right query to make the most out of MS Graph. You can test them with the new Graph Explorer tool being released by Build. You’re able to filter out results to find the best answer. This helps you get started on a project quickly.

As with any Microsoft service, high expectations from the public exist for the features. Both Graphs and Teams are beneficial because they’re designed to make communication clear and precise as well as increase efficiency in the completion of tasks. If you haven’t yet download MS Office for Mac or PC, you’ll want to as soon as possible.

What Teams Can Do for You

There are a number of things working with Teams can do for you. The chat-based platform encourages collaboration. It now has an app flyout that makes finding installed apps easier. Admins can push different apps to the people on their team as well as block ones they do not want people to use while working.

Users gain a better understanding of how to communicate with your services thanks to improvements. Bots are able to autocomplete a number of commands. This helps with discoverability which leads to greater communications moving forward.

The Teams update includes actionable messages which make responses quick and easy. Developers have no problem building them and testing them, too. There will be more of these to come with further developments.

Syncing phones with smartwatches for example gives users the ability to respond to push authentications on the wrist versus having to open up an app on the phone. This is how notifications can be built into a Teams channel without the need of a new application.

What Software Depot Has to Offer You

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You won’t have to worry about having the right tools to get the job done on time. Because you’re able to collaborate with Teams, you’ll know exactly which portions of the project are remaining. You’ll know who they are assigned to and be able to communicate with the people on your team to see how far along they are.

Digital Downloads Save You Time and Money

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