Microsoft Office is among the most versatile software suites available. Packed with useful programs, it’s a crowd pleaser for a reason. In addition to creating and formatting documents and PowerPoint presentations, it also provides you with simple design tools that make your work look outstanding.

Newly Added Design Tab

For example, there are many ways to format a simple Word document. In the latest version of Office, you’ll find the newly added Design tab. It allows you to choose a theme that you like, the document formatting that you prefer, the colors and font style that you like best, and the page color or page border that you’d like to use.

This is a great feature for creating flyers, brochures, business cards, and newsletters. Anything that requires more than basic text can be created using the Design tab. It’s a way to transform files without acquiring additional design software or having professional design skills.

Adding Color to Backgrounds and Type

You don’t have to opt for a simple white background. You can choose any color you’d like and then select the color you want to use for the type. This gives you a multitude of options that you may have not even known existed up to this point.

Choose the format that you want by selecting the placement of titles, subheadings, and text. Insert photos, icons, charts, and graphs into the documents, too. You can use an existing template from the Microsoft library or create your own from scratch.

Transform words into art. Word Art is another option that transforms ordinary documents. To access the feature, go to Insert then Word Art. You’re then able to give text shadowing, outlining, and even engraving.

Word Art allows you to bring emphasis to specific words and phrases. It draws a person’s attention to different parts of the word document. It lets others know which concepts and ideas you feel are the most important.

Consistent Design on Slides

In the past, you were limited on what you could do with PowerPoint and formatting slides. Now, you can create a consistent look with ease. You’ll even get suggestions from the program on ways to make your presentation look incredible.

You can choose the format that you feel is best and then customize each slide with your own text, photos, charts, and graphs. This allows you to connect to your audience in new and improved ways. You’ll engage them with your presentation not just tell them about something they know little about.

PowerPoint Designer is a newer tool that makes slides look outstanding. If the option is checked, it will come up automatically in the program whenever you drop something into the slide. You can then choose the design that looks great to you.

This is one of the ways to let your personality shine. A slideshow presentation needn’t be dull. The speaker can use it as a powerful visual aid if done correctly.

Design Incredible Documents and Slideshows

Use Microsoft Office to design outstanding documents and slideshows. You’ve got the programs, tools, and features that allow you to do just that. Now, all you do is put in the time to make sure that everything looks perfect before you present it to someone else.

It doesn’t matter what you intend to do with the files you create. You’ll get a warm response from others because of the time you took to make your documents and slides look their very best. People will notice the amount of effort you made to polish your files and presentations.

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