Writers around the globe view Microsoft Word as a powerful word processing program that helps them accomplish more in less time. Thanks to the software’s multiple tools and features, writing a book in any genre and of any length is possible. It doesn’t matter if the book is purely scientific or it’s a young adult novel, you’ll find MS Office a reliable software suite with potential.


Add Photos, Quotes, and Headers with Ease

There is so much you can do to format your book with Microsoft Word. You’re able to add Titles, Headers, Subheaders, and Quotes with ease. You can even insert photos and images into the document and wrap the text around it.


Not every story demands a photo. For the ones that do, however, you can easily add them to the document. You can format the text in a way where the photo is on top, below or even to the side of the image.


Word Provides Way to Make Your Text Stand Out


You can create Word Art as a way to make certain sections stand out from others. You can also vary the size, font, and colors to command attention. You can bold, italicize,and underline words and passages whenever you see fit.


This allows readers to visually see what you think is the most important words, phrases, and sentences to focus on. It’s also a way to add design elements to what would otherwise look like a big block of text. Some of the most intriguing books use

typography as art.


With Microsoft Office, you’re able to do just that. There are many ways you can stylize your documents in Word. In fact, a simple web search provides you with a number of tutorials for you to try out for yourself.


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Instant Access Helps You Start Planning Your Conference Right Away


You gain full access to them after purchase rather than wait around for CDs to be delivered. You’ll be able to start planning your next writer’s workshop right away. In fact, you’ll be able to create a buzz by producing full color communications advertising the event.


What to Do with the Flyers You Made for Your Writer’s Conference


Mail them to writers in the area. Tack them up to bulletin boards at the library and local university. Send emails to people who subscribe to your website’s mailing list and ask them if they’d like to take part in the event. Microsoft Word makes it possible to create communications quickly and easily and print them as needed.


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Collaborate with Other Writers with Office 365


There is no sense complicating matters when you already have a favorite version of Microsoft Office that you use. Office 365 has a collaboration feature that makes writing with other writers possible. Rather than email parts of your story or non-fiction book to them, you work alongside each other.

Stick to What You Like and Know Best with Microsoft Office


If you’d rather stick with Office Professional Plus 2013 or Office 2013 Student, you can. If you want newer versions of either software, download Office Professional Plus 2016 or Office 2016 Student. You’ve got options either way.


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