If you have a big event to promote and little time to get everything ready, you’ll appreciate the timesaving features offered by Microsoft Office’s Word 2016. After digitally downloading the software suite, you’ll be able to access the popular word processing program and get started designing flyers, brochures, postcards, letterhead, and other promotional materials that help get the word out about your big event.

Gaining attention for your event is easy when you have a copy of Office on your PC or Mac. You’ll then be able to access all the tools and features available in Word which lets you create promotional materials from scratch or by using a template. Then, you can send them to the printer and distribute them once they’ve been printed.

What MS Word Can Do to Help You Prepare for Your Event

Here are some ways to promote your next big event by using Microsoft Office to create materials:

  • Design letterhead using your logo to send in press kits.

    Color match fonts to the colors in your logo. You’ll keep branding consistent and memorable. People will be able to read the letter that you typed on the letterhead to get a feel for your request or gain information about your event. This is a great way to appeal to sponsors and recruit volunteers. You’ll be able to pique their interest with the press kit you created. They’ll have all the information needed to take part in your event.
  • Create flyers to put up in local storefronts.

    When people see your announcement in the stores they visit, they can’t help but stop to see what is going on. It’s one way to announce an event and explain why it’s something that people won’t want to miss. A flyer can be black and white or full color. It can be basic or extravagant depending on the event you’re advertising. If you host an event regularly, you can create a template to save and use again in the future.
  • Design brochures for the event.

    Give people an inside view of your company or non-profit and how it operates. When you design a brochure in Word, you’ve got the option to insert photos, graphics, charts, table, and more. You’ll be able to explain everything you weren’t able to get to on the flyers you created.
  • Include info about the occasion in our newsletter.

    When you design your newsletter from scratch, you’re able to customize the content however you see fit. That’s one of the best things about using Office to do your design work. You have numerous templates to choose from which allows you to add your own photos and text. Announce the event in your newsletter so that you’ll appeal to your usual audience. Encourage them to pass on the hard copy or digital copy of the publication to family members or friends who might want to attend the event, too.

There are many things Word can do for you. The same can be said about Microsoft’s Publisher. If you have extra time to spend designing your promotional materials, you’ll find that it is packed with tools and features that make every file look professional.

You won’t have to hire someone else to take care of designing flyers, brochures, and letterhead for you. You’ll be able to do it on your own and in your spare time because you have Office downloaded onto your computer. You won’t be stuck waiting for the software to arrive because digital copies are available instantaneously.

Buy a Digital Download of Microsoft Office to Start Using Today

Create promotional materials with ease using Microsoft Office. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the software you purchased from Software Depot, you can get started on implementing your marketing plan. By creating promotional materials that bear your company name, logo, products, and services, you’re able to reach a wider customer base.

You’ll appeal to more people thanks to the internet and social media instead of relying solely on a traditional marketing plan. Your events will have a bigger turn out and you’ll benefit from appealing to a wider audience overall. You’ll be able to achieve more in less time which is a goal of Microsoft and Software Depot.