If you’ve got items that you want to get rid of, you can do so during a community wide garage sale. The well-publicized event will draw a crowd and help you get rid of things that you no longer need or that no longer serve you. You’ll make more money when you have everything organized neatly for the public to shop.

Microsoft Office provides you with the tools needed to plan a successful garage sale. There’s Word for creating flyers and signs, Excel for keeping track of inventory and sales, and Outlook to email people that you know with details about the time and date of the event.

Start Planning for a Sale Early On

There are a number of ways to prepare for a community wide garage sale event. Start by gathering up the things that you want to get rid of. Clean and repair what you can. If there is a box that goes with the item and you still have it, keep it and the item together so you’re able to get more money out of them.

Make sure to advertise so others know where to find your sale. If possible, add a map to the bottom of printed flyers. This will give people an idea where to go for the garage sale.

Price Everything So People Know What They’ll Pay

Once you’ve done that, you’ll want to make sure that you’re able to price everything accordingly. People look for prices when they shop garage sales. It helps them determine whether or not something is a bargain.

You can create price labels using label paper and a home printer. Make sure that you attach a tag to every item you intend to sell. This will help you get the most from the items you have for sale.

Prepare the Location for Visitors By Creating Warning Signs

After you’ve taken care of these steps, you’ll want to prepare the location for visitors. Print signs that tell people to carefully watch their step and that you’re not liable for accidents. Put these in prominent locations so that people are able to see them.

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Prepare for a community wide garage sale event with Microsoft Office. You’ll have the tools that you need to make your event successful. Create flyers with Microsoft Word. Give people directions to your neighborhood by adding a map that others can refer to instantly.

Use Excel to Keep Track of Items Sold

Keep a running total of items sold for each person in your family, house of worship or non-profit organization. Excel allows you to create spreadsheets where you can tally up sales individually if needed. It also gives you a good idea what you’ve gotten rid of because you can see what has sold.

Pay Everyone Their Share of the Profits

Create receipts for any money paid out. An invoice template can be used over and over again and personalized with new names, totals, and other information. Once you’ve downloaded MS Office, you can save documents as templates for future use.

Make Signs for Larger, More Expensive Items

You can also make signs for big ticket items. If small garage sale stickers won’t do, draw attention to an item with a colorful sign. Use graphics and text to design printouts that you can attach to more expensive items such as furniture and electronics.

You’ll be able to get people’s attention better that way. You’ll be more likely to sell some of the more expensive things that you have in the sale. That means more profit for you and the other garage sale organizers.

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