Microsoft has ramped up its security measures in an attempt to prevent problems with malware. The update which relies on artificial intelligence (AI) to identify potential risks with Windows 10 software. Over 400 million computers will provide information to Microsoft who will then be able to identify malware behavior and protect against it.

The data will come from a variety of sources including cloud-based programs Azure, Endpoint, and Office. The upgrade will affect Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection. It will offer new features including Application Guard which is focuses on browsers, Device Guard which focuses on the cloud, and Exploit Guard.

If new malware is detected on a Windows 10 computer, the update will develop a signature that prevents the virus from affecting users worldwide. The first computer that it is detected on is safe as well because a virtual sandbox on the cloud will set off the virus, not the computer.

AI is the greatest defender against cyberattacks according to Microsoft. Of the attacks that were detected, over 96% were brand new. Having new malware signatures developed at a rapid pace is critical in protecting computers.

What You Can Do Right Now to Avoid a Ransomware Attack

The Independent notes that there are a number of things a person can do in the meantime to protect themselves against ransomware. For example, staying on top of computer updates and installing new patches as they are released to the public is key. You’ll also want to avoid going to risky websites and downloading “free” software.

Backing up important files is another preventative measure that works. You’ll have a copy of everything that you need that the hackers have encrypted. Setting up admin controls in Office is also very important.

It allows one person to determine who within the company has the right to install new software, change settings, and more. Making sure that only admins are able to do this lessens the chance of ransomware being downloaded to an employee’s computer.

Filtering websites also prevents an employee from clicking on website containing a virus accidentally. Access control restricts user privileges to only the people who need to view, change or create data. Regularly reviewing permissions keeps ransomware from spreading to drives that are mapped and unmapped.

This is something that someone within your organization should do regularly. They should make sure that every security measure is in place at all times. This includes deleting admin roles that no longer serve the company.

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