Microsoft has just acquired Cycle Computing, a cloud computing start-up with technology designed to help companies take on big computing jobs. What that means for the software giant is this. It can now help shape history by providing technology designed to help fight cancer, improve the space industry, and even build better solar panels. The future for Microsoft looks even brighter.

Customers can use the technology across multiple cloud platforms including Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google which saves them time and money. After time has passed, Microsoft will deemphasize the latter two services and focus on moving customers over to Azure.

Cycle Computing was a partner with Amazon and Google but now that Microsoft owns the company and its technology, it wants customers to move over to its own cloud based services. If companies agree, Microsoft is set to profit handsomely from the move.

Cycle Computing’s employees will work as Microsoft employees. They will continue to help customers manage their computing tasks in whatever role they formerly worked in. The start-up was mostly self-funded so there weren’t investors involved which is why the transition is easy.

Microsoft is a Leader in Technology Because It is Constantly Evolving

Microsoft is a leader in technology because it is constantly evolving. The company finds new ways to be innovative and answer customer needs. From small business owners to large corporations, it offers solutions that lower costs and maximize efficiency.

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