Microsoft Office’s latest preview for Windows PCs has a lot to offer users. In addition to providing them with better collaboration tools, it also adds a range of colored inks to its programs that weren’t available before. Imagine all the possibilities that take place with gold, silver, and even rainbow-colored inks. Your visual communications take on a whole new look with these options in place!

The inks that are available in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint include rainbow, galaxy, lava, ocean, gold, and silver. Transform your newsletters, invitations, and ebooks by adding sparkle to them. If you’re not a part of the Insider Program, you’ll have to wait for these options to be released to the public in a new update.

Once they do, you’ll be on your way to creating outstanding documents to share with others. Until then, you can sign up to be an Office Insider and be next in life to receive previews as they’re released to testers.

What Does It Mean to Be an Office Insider?

Being a part of Microsoft’s Office Insider Program has its advantages. You get to try out updates before they’re released to the public. The latest preview was recently made available to members of the Slow Ring who use a Windows PC as their primary workstation.

Slow Ring users get previews later than Fast Ring users but have the advantage of using the update with fewer bugs and greater ease. Anyone can join the Insider Program but you do need to designate which device you have and which program you’d rather be a part of, the Fast Ring or Slow Ring.

The Insider Program is free to sign up for. It’s available for Windows Desktop, Mac, Windows Mobile, Android, and iOS. The feedback that you supply goes back to the company’s developers and allows them to create a superior product based on your experience accessing the preview. You have a hand in shaping Microsoft history with your opinions of how well the software update worked for you.

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