The long-awaited Shared Calendars feature is now a part of Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions. If you’ve been looking forward to this option for a while but didn’t know when the change would arrive, you’re now in luck. You can use shared calendars on Outlook for iOS, Android, and Windows 10.

No More Screenshotting Calendars

In the past, users had to screenshot calendars or use the Outlook web app to share their agendas with other people. Now, they don’t have to go to that much trouble to arrange meetings. Both parties can see when it’s most convenient for them to meet or collaborate.

Re-Share Calendar Feature

If you can’t get the feature to work, you can re-share calendars by going to Settings then Calendar then default. You can then edit, share, and create calendar apps the same way you do on the web. You don’t have to update Outlook if you have the latest version.

Lots of Changes for iOS Microsoft Users

The first update for iOS was in 2016 when Microsoft allowed iPhone users to create and edit recurring events. That meant that they could schedule frequent meetings easier. It also lets users know about events occurring daily, weekly, and monthly which helps a person manage their time better.

Search Features Updated

Outlook’s search features were also updated at the time. Conversations come up in results rather than the separate emails of the past. This keeps you from wading through hundreds of emails to find a conversation you were having with one particular person.

Support for Apple’s Passbook

There is support for Apple’s Passbook whose files can be looked at in Outlook. Microsoft also changed fonts to increase visibility and readability. Say goodbye to eye strain on those tiny little screens.

Know Who is Attending Your Meetings at All Times

Using the calendar option in Outlook allows you to send meeting invites to other and also receive notice regarding who is attending. In order to utilize the option to its fullest capabilities, you need to make sure that you have Outlook on your mobile device.



Once downloaded, you’ll be able to setup meetings and appointments with ease. You’re able to assign each a subject, location, start, and finish time so others know. They’ll plan accordingly.

Having access to the features and apps that you use the most is easy when you have Office downloaded to your computer and mobile devices. You’ll be able to see updates as they happen as well. That means that every time the software or apps improve, you’ll see the changes yourself.

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