If you’re looking for a job and want to attract the attention of the right company, there are some things you can do in advance to prepare for the position. The first is to send out a copy of your resume so that the hiring department can see if you’re qualified, learn more about your strengths and weaknesses, and set up a time to interview you. By taking the time to create a polished, professional resume, you’re sending a sign to the company that you’re ready to take on the job that you applied for.

Next, you’ll want to prepare your portfolio if you have one. It’s easy to do when you have access to programs such as Word and applications such as OneNote. You can store your favorite projects in a folder which you can send to the potential employer to review. You can also attach it to an email that you send in Outlook.

Grab the Attention of Potential Employers by Being Prepared

This is a really easy way to grab the attention of a potential employer. They’ll see how prepared you are during the application process and want to know more about you. By taking the extra time to perfect your resume and prepare a portfolio showcases your strengths, you stand out in the minds of the companies that you interview with.

Demonstrating that you know how to use Word well can help you land coveted positions with employers. Versitas reports that some of the top skills employers look for within Word is the ability to create labels, create and use templates, check grammar, set up pages, print, spell check, and track changes. If you can do these things, make sure that you let an employer know by including the skills on your resume.

Add Design Elements and Media to Your Documents

Microsoft Word makes it easy for you to add extra elements to your documents. Instead of being text-heavy, you can insert tables, charts, photos, and graphics to illustrate a point. You can use titles, subtitles, headings, and quotes to emphasize different words, phrases or areas of a portfolio, report or blog.

Stand Out in a Sea of Applicants with an Outstanding Resume

When you present yourself to a potential employer, you don’t have to worry about them skimming over your documents. They’ll take interest in the hard work you’ve done. They’ll see you as someone who goes the extra mile which helps you land more interviews.

Your qualifications are not enough. Give employers a reason to want to hire you. Stand out in a crowd by using Microsoft Word to make your cover letter, resume, and portfolio outstanding.

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Use the Tools That You Have Available to Launch Your Career Success

Once installed on your Mac or PC, you’ll gain full access to programs such as Word where you’ll get to know the different tools and features that help increase your chances at steady employment. You’ll be able to create a standout resume that others take notice of.

Have Questions?  Contact Us for Assistance

One of the bonuses of buying your software from us is that we provide customer and technical support. You don’t have to go to Microsoft to ask questions because we handle them for you. We’re available at all times to assist you so just let us know how we can do so.