It’s still early enough in the year to do a little virtual housekeeping. All you need is your computer, Microsoft Office, and enough free time to set up a system that works for you.

A Little Virtual Housekeeping Doesn’t Hurt Anyone

It’s time you cleaned up your computer of unwanted files, unused bookmarks, and old emails, right? Thanks to Microsoft Office, you’ll have an easier time getting your computer back to good working order. You’ll use up less space on your hard drive and waste less time looking for a document or response from someone you’ve corresponded with in the past.

Keep Your Hard Drive Free as Much as You Can

If you’ve been responsible for creating documents, presentations, and sending/receiving emails for your small business, job or school, you’ll be thrilled to know that there is a better way to keep track of everything you’ve created. You don’t have to dump everything onto your hard drive.

Use the Cloud to Keep Things Safe

In fact, you can move some of your communications to the cloud if you choose. This helps you free up space and keep your hardware in good working order. You won’t crash your hard drive because of the sheer volume of material that you have saved to your computer.

Download Microsoft Software Right Away

You’ll be able to achieve more with a cleaned up computer. To start, download Microsoft Office for Mac or PC. Wait for the download directions to arrive by email.

You should receive them within minutes of completing your purchase. If you haven’t, make sure that the transaction went through. If it did, check your SPAM folder.

Open the Program of Your Choice and Get Busy

Once you’ve received notice that your purchase went through and that your digital software is available, download the product. Within minutes, you’re able to open up the program of your choice and start getting busy.

Import Documents into MS Word

If you’ve used a different word processing software in the past but saved documents properly, you’ll have no problem opening them up in MS Word. Decide which need to be saved and which can be deleted. Set up folders and direct the files to the appropriate place.

Keep, Delete or File Messages

The same goes with Outlook. If you import all of your previous messages into the email program, you’ll be able to determine which need a response. You can decide whether to keep, delete or file messages per the criteria that you’ve set up for yourself.

Stay On Top of Your Personal, Professional, and Academic Affairs

This is an effective way to keep track of your personal, professional or academic affairs. There are a number of different versions of MS Office to choose from. For example, you can buy Office Professional Plus 2013, Office Professional Plus 2016, Office 2013 Student or Office 2016 Student. The choice is up to you.

Regular updates to software and apps keep them current and accessible. Microsoft takes customer feedback seriously. That’s why the company goes the extra mile to make sure that its programs, tools, and features are easy-to-use and effective for people of all skill levels and capabilities.

Give Us Your Vote of Confidence

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Take Advantage of Savings Opportunities

In addition to offering a selection of products to choose from, we also offer discounts on identical products and group discounts for businesses, organizations, and schools needing more than one license for their computers.

Don’t let another moment pass you by. Get your computer cleaned up and organized so that you’re more productive and less stressed. Avoid the wait for the latest Microsoft Office software and apps by digitally downloading your copy right away from the Software Depot storefront.