So, you want to appear more professional this year but don’t know how to take your documents and online presence to the next level quickly. Don’t worry, you’ve got to start somewhere. Downloading Office Professional Plus 2016 helps.

Bring Your A-Game with Professional Documents and Presentations

With a wide range of programs and features, you won’t be left out in the cold while your competition is blazing hot. You can take your efforts to the next level professionally by buying MS Office and having it downloaded to all of the computers in your workplace.

Programs That Make Up the Suite of Software

One of the most appealing things about Office is that it comes with a variety of programs that help you excel professionally. It’s not just an email management software or a word processing software. There are many things you can do with Office.

Here are some of the programs that you get when you download Microsoft Office Pro:

  • Word. This is Microsoft’s word processing software. It’s great for creating invoices, memos, sales flyers, and brochures. You have your choice of built-in templates or have the option to create your own.

  • Excel. Create spreadsheets with ease. Keep track of employee hours, inventory, and supplies with precision. Edit, update, and share the documents you create with ease. Keeping on top of business-related matters is easy when you have spreadsheets that cover your expenses, supplies, and employees.

  • PowerPoint. Full color presentations with multimedia options help you win clients, convey your ideas to investors, and share what you do with others in the community. It doesn’t matter if you’re presenting at a school board meeting or in front of a big crowd at a convention, you’ll have something impressive to show for all your hard work.

  • OneNote. Organize all your notes into notebooks. Refer to the information you’ve stored with ease. You can even share what you’ve kept track of with others who also benefit from the notes you’ve taken. This is a great way to organize loads of information on the same topic.

  • Outlook. Create memos. Send and receive email. Organize your inbox into folders for easy reference using this handy program.

  • Publisher. Bring your creative projects to life with this desktop publisher. You can create newsletters, brochures, post cards, and pamphlets. Step up your game by showing others just how professional you are.

  • Access. Share applications with your employees or colleagues. The database makes it easy for anyone you give permission to view the apps you’re using. You can create custom apps for your business without being an app developer, too.

Each program offers a wide range of features that you cannot live without as a creative professional.  For example, there are a number of new themes offered in the 2016 version of Office Professional.  For example, you can track comments in Word, and when you’re done with them, you can mark them off by replying to them.

You can also pull content from PDFs and edit it.  This wasn’t something that was easy to do in the past.  You had to convert the file but now you can pull it straight into Word and begin making changes with this version of Microsoft Office.

Download the Version of Office You Like Best

Older versions of Office Professional Plus 2013 offered its users plenty of options.  As time passed, needs changed and Microsoft listened.  They added new templates, touchscreen capabilities, and even added a feature where Bing feeds you relevant information while reading an Office file.

When you want to expand your base of knowledge, you can do so easily with the newest version of Microsoft Office Professional. You also still have the option to download MS Office Professional 2013. If you’re in high school or college, Office 2013 Student or Office 2016 Student may offer better features to satisfy your needs.

Your Digital Download Specialist

SoftwareKeep makes digitally downloading Office easy. If you’re short on time and have a pile of work to take care of, you’ll have the software that you need to get things done quickly in a matter of minutes. Don’t forget to check your email after making a purchase so you can download the product immediately.