The long-anticipated update to Microsoft Office 2016, Microsoft Office 2019, will be released in the latter part of next year. The news met uproarious approval from Ignite attendees who received the news in Orlando, Florida earlier this week. Although some people question the necessity of the software because of the release of Office 365, the company explained it rather clearly when a spokesperson said, “Cloud-powered innovation is a major theme at Ignite this week. But we recognize that moving to the cloud is a journey with many considerations along the way. Office 2019 will be a valuable upgrade for customers who feel that they need to keep some or all of their apps and servers on-premises, and we look forward to sharing more details about the release in the coming months.”

One notable difference is improved Inking capabilities for apps. Pressure sensitivity, tilt effects, and inking replay sound even cooler than they probably are but they’ve gotten our attention. Our customers are always looking for timesaving features they can apply to real life settings, and we’re happy to offer these conveniences to them.

Every Customer Has Different Needs

Each customer has his or her own set of needs. That’s something we recognize at Software Depot. As a company, we know that not everyone wants to use Office 365 which is why it’s great news to hear that Office 2019 is currently in development. Some customers need software that can handle their small business needs, others need a more basic version for school.

Small businesses’ needs differ from large corporations. Being able to accommodate customers from all walks of life and different professions are one of the things that set us apart as a retailer. We take great pride in the selection of authentic Microsoft software and apps that we sell through our online storefront.

Some People Prefer Accessing Apps and Servers from Their Physical Location

Office 2019 may not seem like something of a necessity but for many people it is. As Microsoft explained, cloud-powered innovation isn’t for everyone. Some people prefer to have their apps and servers where they can access them directly not virtually.

We Anticipate Carrying Microsoft Office 2019 in Our Online Storefront

We accept that our customers differ which is why we fully anticipate carrying Microsoft Office 2019 for Mac and versions for PC, too. We also see digitally downloadable options being something that we continue to offer as a convenience for our customers.

We Believe in Offering the Best Software Available

Offering the best software is what keeps making Microsoft the success that it is today. Selling authentic versions of the company’s software and apps at low prices is what makes us a favorite source for Office and Windows products. We believe in giving our customers the tools that they need to successfully achieve whatever it is that they set out to do.

Whether it's Microsoft Office 2016 Professional or Office 2013 Student, we carry something for everyone. When the time comes for Office 2019 to be released, we’ll have it in stock, too. That way, everyone gets what they want in time for the new year.