Microsoft has taken a cross-platform approach for its many applications and services. This makes the software suite and apps valuable to a wider range of people. It doesn’t matter if you’re a diehard Mac user or prefer keeping it simple with a PC. Google has also accounted for your personal preferences and has given its Chrome OS the ability to run Android apps, Microsoft’s included.

Microsoft Apps Available for Download on Chromebooks

Chromebook users can now use MS Office, Outlook, PowerPoint, and OneNote with ease. They’re no longer limited to which applications they can purchase, download, and use with their notebooks. That’s music to the ears of MS Office users who could not access, edit or send documents, communications, and presentations while using a Chromebook. They can now own a Google product and use the same Microsoft apps that they use on their phones and computers.

Making Google’s Notebook More Valuable

Google’s wise move increased the value of its product because more people could see the notebook as being an asset because of the thousands of apps available to them through the Google Play store’s Android apps. That means that Microsoft applications were no longer off limits. Students, housewives, and business people found the change refreshing as it gives them more tools to work with when it comes to communicating ideas effectively.

Microsoft is Reaching a Group of People It Wasn’t Able to Reach Before

Microsoft is working closely with google to make sure that when a Chromebook user is editing communications (docs, spreadsheets, and PowerPoint slides), they’re using Office apps to do it. They want OneNote to be the place where the users put all their notes, not other applications that don’t bear the Microsoft name. This helps them sell MS Office software products to users with access to Mac computers and PCs.

One thing about Microsoft as a company is that it is constantly looking for ways to improve its software and apps. By being open to the idea of working with Google to give Chromebook users more flexibility when it comes to creating documents, spreadsheets, emails, and presentations, it allows the company to fill a gap that existed in the marketplace for owners of Google’s notebook. It helps shape a favorable opinion of Microsoft in the minds of Google users.

Chromebooks Users Do Not Have to Use Google Apps If They Don’t Want To

Chromebook relied heavily on Google apps such as Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Drive. Now, with access to Android apps, users can work exclusively with Microsoft applications instead if they prefer them. In a review of Chromebook, Laptop Mag notes that “Starting later this year, certain Chromebooks will gain access to the millions of Android applications sold on the Google Play store. Not only does his mean Chromebooks will get a ton of games, but messaging and productivity options will also expand.”

Small Devices Edit for Free but Larger Devices Need Office 365 Subscriptions

Small devices that are less than 10.1 inches can edit Office documents for free. Larger devices must have Office 365 active on their notebook. Still, it’s a small tradeoff to have access to tools that once were unavailable to Chromebook users. MS Office apps make editing on the go a breeze.

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