When it comes to Microsoft Word, there is so much you can do to make your documents stand out. In addition to adding photographs and clip art, changing font sizes and colors, and adding titles and subtitles to your work, you can also format text to fit a shape. This is a great way to emphasize areas of a document such as a newsletter or report. It’s a visual representation of the words that you’re adding to the promotional, educational, and informational materials you create.

What You Can Do with a Text-Filled Shape

A text-filled shape is similar to a text box. You’re able to choose font types and sizes as well as add bolded and italicized text. MS Word offers a number of features that make the job easy, giving your shaped text look exciting and professional.

To place the text in the shape, you’ll need to go to the Insert tab. Then go to Shapes and click on it. You’ll find it under the illustrations group.

Decide which shape you want. You’ll have other shapes like squares, circles or stars. Choose a place on the document to place the shape.

To make it larger, you’ll need to drag your mouse from the point. Once you’ve sized it appropriately, you’ll want to right click when your cursor is on the shape. The select the Add Text option.

You can type or paste your text into the shape. To finalize it, click outside the shape. Once you’re done doing this, you’ll want to format it so that it fits the shape nicely.

Formatting the Text in the Shape

Highlight the text inside the shape and bold, italicize or underline parts of the text that you want to give emphasis. Once you’ve done that, you’ll see a number of formatting options on the top ribbon. You can click the shape’s border to select and align text to the center or left of the shape.

When you have it aligned the way you way, right click on the shape border. Choose Format Shape and then Text Options. Make sure the Wrap Text in Shape box is applied.

Finally, choose Resize Shape to Fit Text. You’ll find that option in the Format Shape pane. This will allow you to resize the shape to fit your newly formatted text.

As with any project you’re working on, it’s important to save as you make changes. If you don’t, all of your hard work can be lost. It’s also a good idea to name the file something you’ll remember so you can retrieve it at a later date easily.

Ways You Can Use Shaped Text

There are a number of ways to use shaped text in your documents. For example, you can use it in your reports to illustrate an idea or add emphasis to a fact that you want people to know. You can add it to areas of a band’s poster or bake sale flyer to get people to zone in on the information.

You can use it on your business cards and personal stationery, too. It’s a great way to express yourself creatively and artistically. It’s one of the many cool tricks MS Office offers its users.

The more you explore the different functions of Word, the better you get at using it. The sky is virtually the limit when it comes to expressing yourself. Let Software Depot help you make the most of the products that you buy from us.

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