As a company, Microsoft is committed in bringing you the most efficient, up-to-date versions of its software and apps. That’s why we stand behind the products we sell 100%. If you’re not satisfied with the digital download that you purchased, we’ll give you your money back.

Get to Know MS Office Inside and Out

With that being said, we encourage you to explore all of the programs and tools offered with MS Office downloads. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn just how complex the software and apps are, but also how easy they are to use once you get the hang of them.

Make Others Think Highly of You Because of Your Communications Skills

Here are five things you can do in Microsoft Office to improve your communications:

  1. Create your own business letterhead.

    Want to give people a professional impression of you and your company? You don’t have to pay for expensive stationery from a print shop. You can create your own using your logo and MS Word. It takes minutes to add it to the header of a blank document, and best of all, you can print it over and over again after saving a master copy.
  2. Break down billing by expense.

    Say goodbye to boring expense reports. Instead, give people a better idea of where the money is going to. Itemize expenses so others understand what is going on with the company’s finances.
  3. Share your vacation photos with family and friends.

    Create an interactive slideshow highlighting the most exciting parts of your trip. Add photographs and music. Include text that explains where you were at, who were you with, and what you were doing at the time. This is a great way to share your experiences with the people you care the most about.
  4. Update your resume and add your own images to the document.

    Want to include samples of your work so people can visualize your skills and creativity? Add photos to your existing resume easily. You can even create frames around them if you want using one of the program’s options. It’s a great way to add emphasis to a traditional text-heavy resume.
  5. Collaborate with other members of your team on group projects.

    Don’t want to wait to get input on a project you’re working on? You no longer have to with MS Word. You’re able to collaborate together in real time and get big projects done more efficiently. Instead of doing your part and sending it to another person so they can contribute theirs, you work alongside each other in real time, adding feedback as you go along.

Microsoft Office offers a lot of bang for its buck. No other software suite consists of as many quality and respect programs. That’s why so many people trust their communications to Microsoft.

They know that whatever they create and put out into the public, it will be well-received. This helps build their brand and makes their company more recognizable. This adds to your business success because the more people know and trust your business, the more they’ll use its products and services which is great for you and the people you have working for you.

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