SharePoint Online and Office 365 have received their fair share of updates. Until now, Delve has remained the same version that came out on release day when it took over the “My Site” function. Office 365 Delve no longer is what it used to be. It’s now a tool that provides a hub for teams to meet and collaborate.

It also provides a content search function and employee directory. Obtaining this information at any given time is easy with Delve. It’s called “Facebook for Office 365 Content” because it relies on connections and communication. Learning how it works takes time but once you’re used to it, it’s very beneficial.

Delve provides content and documents on your dashboard based on your activities. It’s meant to start conversations and encourage collaboration on projects to make them better. Companies like working with Delve because it allows them to get the best ideas from a larger population of people, not just a few select employees.

This type of feedback makes it easy to improve operations. Companies see what employees have to say about processes and projects which help them increase productivity by eliminating obstacles. Delve offers a wide range of features but five really stand out. They are User Profiles, Content Search, Employee Directory, Personalized User Activity Feeds, and Mobile Apps.

User Profiles

The updated version of Delve allows users to update their profile in just a few clicks. Deciding who sees content is also possible with new visibility and privacy features. That means that if you choose to respond to one group of people, another group won’t necessarily see what you have to say. This helps keep confidential projects private and secure.

Content Search

Delve makes it possible for you to search for a document, task, web page or event with ease. You can also find SharePoint sites using the search query. Results are relayed based on your user activity so you’ll see the most important ones at top so you’re not searching for an odd-named file. Talk about a timesaving feature!

Employee Directory

Office 365 Delve lets people find users based on their first and last name. It also lets you see who reports to who thanks to an Org Chart. If you can’t reach someone directly, you’re certainly able to reach their superior. Just move up the chain to you get the desired result.

Personalized User Activity Feeds

See content that is relevant to you. The feed refreshes regularly to show you the most recent project activity. If you don’t have permissions to view content, you won’t see it. Security is something that Microsoft takes very seriously.

Mobile Apps

Apps are available for iOS and Android mobile devices. Delve users experience the same features they do from their desktop. That means that if you’re traveling, you won’t miss out on any important information. You’ll still be able to add to the conversation and contribute your portion of a project if need be.

Mobile apps make Delve portable and accessible. It increases the success of its users because it doesn’t limit their actions. They do not have to wait to be on a computer to explore the wide range of features offered by Microsoft. Nor do they need to miss out on important information shared by their team because they weren’t at home or at the office when communications took place.

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