Cyber Monday is the best time to score some great deals for practically anything you’ve been meaning to get the whole year and the Microsoft Sale is just another proof of that.


Windows Server 2016 Standard

The successor of the 2012 Microsoft operating system, Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Standard edition is the best edition for the majority of companies. This edition’s most prominent feature is that it allows virtualizations for up to 2 virtual machines. This Cyber Monday’s software sale, get your company the upgrade it deserves.


Microsoft Office 2016 Business for Mac

If you’re a Mac owner who’s been looking forward to an Office 2016 upgrade, then grab the chance to get it during the Cyber Monday sale. This comes with the full versions of OneNote, Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint, as well as Cloud storage on OneDrive.


Microsoft Excel 2016

Get the latest version of Microsoft’s famous spreadsheet when it goes on sale this Cyber Monday. Major enhancements from the previous versions include collaborative editing, 3D models, ink effects, multiple sheets and more.


Microsoft Office 2016 Business for PC

PC owners, Mac owners aren’t the only ones who will be able to get the Microsoft Office 2016 Business version on sale during Cyber Monday. This is your chance to upgrade to Office 2016’s major feature, which is the Cloud upload on OneDrive.


Microsoft Word 2016

As with Excel, Word’s 2016 version includes improvements from the version you know and love. One of its best features yet is collaborative editing and saving on the Cloud, which saves more space and time. You are also able to view previous versions of your documents and those are just some of the upgrades on Word 2016.


Microsoft Project 2016 Professional

Like with most of Microsoft’s 2016 offerings, project collaboration is made easier on Microsoft Project 2016 Professional. This program will help you automate your scheduling, even with multiple timelines for more complex schedules. Resource management and data-driven decisions are also made easier on this edition of Microsoft Project.


Windows 10 Professional

There’s a great deal of difference between the Windows 10 Home and Pro versions - some of its outstanding differences are better security and remote access. So, if you’ve been on the fence on whether to get Professional because it’s available for a price, then the Pro version is definitely a Cyber Monday upgrade you need to make.


Microsoft Visio 2016 Professional

For your data-linked diagram needs, the Microsoft Visio 2016 Professional edition is a sale that you have to look out for. If you’ve ever wanted to simplify complex information into easy-to-understand diagrams that meet industry standards, then this edition of Microsoft Visio is just what you need.


Windows Server 2016 Essentials

To get the basic offerings of the 2016 version of the Windows Server, choose to get the Essentials edition on Cyber Monday. It already has enhanced features of the previous server versions, integrates with the Azure Virtual network and best supports small businesses.


Microsoft Office Professional 2016

Get the entire Office 2016 suite on Microsoft Office Professional 2016. File sharing and collaboration are made more convenient with Office Online and OneDrive, making it another Cyber Monday deal you have to look out for.



This year’s Cyber Monday definitely has excellent sales and deals, especially for software products. So, don’t miss the chance to score awesome Cyber Monday deals on Microsoft products this year and grab the ones you want before they’re all sold out.