Of all the things you’re able to do in Microsoft Word, creating forms is among the most useful. It saves you time and effort if you regularly send out memos, cover letters or invoices. Creating forms in Microsoft Word is useful at home and in professional settings. By saving a document as a template, customizing a duplicate copy of it, and saving it as a new file, you’re left with a fresh form to send at all times.

Use Pre-Made Templates or Create Your Very Own

What you’ll need to do first is decide whether or not you want to use one of Word’s many pre-made templates or create your own. Once you’ve customized the form with your specific details, you go to ‘File’ then ‘Save As’ before being asked what location you want to save the document. Choose the folder that best meets your needs.

Give the Form a Unique Name and Save It as a Word Template

You’ll then be prompted to give the form a name. Choose one that is easy to remember. Then choose to save as a ‘Word Template’. This template will save and give you access to a clean copy of the form each time you pull it up.

Rename the File Before Saving It So You’ll Always Have a Clean Form to Use

To save a new copy, complete with text, you’ll want to rename the file. This prevents you from overriding the template you created and having to remove all the personal details that you just typed. Having access to the forms you need saves you time.

Customize Cover Letters for the Jobs You Want to Apply For

Whenever you need to create a new cover letter for a job you want to apply for, you’ll have all the pertinent information set in the template. This includes your name and address, email address, and even the date. You can then customize the information to meet the job requirement and address the hiring manager of the company you’re specifically trying to win over.

Microsoft Outlook Makes Sending the Memos You Create Fast and Easy

Send personal memos to the people you work with, volunteer for or go to school with. Access the memo template that you created, add the details you want to share with others, and send it to the people on your mailing list. You’re able to do this with MS Outlook because the software is user-friendly and easy to update with little effort.

Creating Fillable Forms in MS Office

If you’re looking to create fillable forms in MS Word, there are a number of tutorials online that explain how to do them. It depends on what version of the popular software suite you’re currently using as to how you’ll create the form. For the most part, it’s a simple process that consists of less than ten steps to complete.

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