If you want to land your dream job, you’re going to need to familiarize yourself with Microsoft Office. The popular software suite is one that many people worldwide use. It’s the standard software for businesses and schools.

MS Office Proficiency Helps You Stand Out in a Crowd

According to GeekWire, “Novel Aspect collected data from Indeed job listings for the 50 most populous US cities. The study analyzed more than 200 prominent business software platforms to determine which software skills employers seek the most, which cities have the most job listings with software requirements, which jobs pay the best and more.”

Knowledge of Spreadsheets, Emails, and Presentations is Desirable

Microsoft dominated the list of desired software skills. Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint were mentioned specifically. A whopping 35.4% of job listings mentioned the programs as spreadsheets, emails, and presentations are commonplace in the workplace.

The top software skills in order include Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, iLife, and Access. The top categories include Spreadsheets, Email Management, Presentations, Multiple Applications, and Database Management System. Excel made up 13.57% of job listings ranking higher than any other skill mentioned.

The top paying software skills jobs are offered by Amazon Web Services not Microsoft. That doesn’t mean that the company isn’t looking for people that are proficient using its software. You can find jobs with companies like Microsoft as well as a number of other industries by signing up for email alerts of job openings with the companies that you’re most interested in working for.

Brush Up on Your Skills with Microsoft Office Downloads

If you’re looking for work in a corporate setting, you’ll want to brush up on your skills. Downloading Microsoft Office and becoming familiar with its programs, features, and tools is advisable. It’s something that you can do easily with help from the internet.

Use Tutorials and Videos to Learn New Tips and Tricks

You can find news and tutorials on our blog as well as throughout the internet. This helps you master new skills so you have more to offer an employer. When they see how proficient you are at MS Office, they’ll be more interested in you as a potential employee.

Give Your Resume the Attention That It Deserves

If you’ve never created a resume in MS Word, you’ll find it easy to start with a premade template. You can click on ‘New’ once you have the program open and it will show you a number of documents for you to choose from. If you don’t see one you like, you can search for online templates and select one you find on the Microsoft website.

Once you have it downloaded, you’ll see the different fields you can customize. Start adding your personal information in place of the dummy text. You can erase what it entered by left clicking at the end of a piece of information, dragging the mouse to highlight it, and hitting the delete button.

You can then change the font type, color, and size based on your own needs and preferences. This makes it easy to give a template a personal touch. It also helps you stand out in the minds of the companies you apply to.

Let MS Office and Software Depot Help You Win Over Employers

Land your dream job. Download MS Office from Software Depot. We offer the latest versions of digitally downloadable Microsoft software and apps.

Develop New Skills and Perfect Ones You Already Have

Start to develop your skills. Learn to be a master typist. Perfect your spelling and grammar so you’re able to articulate your experience, education, and certifications easily.

Get More Responses with Your Resume

Give your resume a fresh new look with MS Word. Send it out to your dream companies via Outlook. Save the replies you get into folders quickly and conveniently with the email program so you’ll always be able to reference them whenever you need them.

Microsoft Office Helps You Achieve a Polished and Professional Persona

You’ve got the tools to better yourself professionally. Get the polished look that employers look for. With MS Office, you’ll stand out in a crowd because of the beautiful resumes, presentations, and correspondences you create and send to your favorite companies.

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