If you want to know what makes Microsoft Office a powerful software suite, you must first take a look at Word, its incredible word processing program. Add-ins make the program even more impressive, giving its users a wide range of options for mind mapping, customizing legal forms, and even creating word clouds. The version of MS Office you choose to work with dictates which applications you’ll be able to use as each is compatible with a specific version of word.

To download Microsoft Office, you’re declaring to the world that you want to produce professional looking documents and presentations for home, work, and school. You’re letting others know that you mean business by the attractive reports, emails, and slideshows you create.

Here are just a few of the add-ins that work well with Microsoft Word:

  • Pickit Presentation Images.

    Choose unlimited photos and icons from curated collections. Illustrate the written examples that you’re trying to make with photographs and images that serve as reference for the people reading your documents. The free app received an Office App Award for 2016.
  • MailChimp for Microsoft Word.

    Export email campaigns created in Word Documents to a MailChimp account. This is a fast and simple way to announce sales, promote blog posts, and even talk about the new products and services that you’re offering. This app is free.
  • Pro Word Cloud.

    Take your text and create beautiful word clouds within a Word document. Give people the visuals needed to influence their choices. A Word Cloud is a powerful example of how beautiful language is and how powerful it is when influencing customer choices.
  • DocuSign for Word.

    Electronically sign documents and send them to the recipient of your choice with this add-on. Save yourself the time and frustration of printing and scanning signed documents. Use this in place of that option.
  • Template Chooser. Select the right template for the Office documents you want to create. Set the tone for the messages you’re trying to deliver. This add-in received an Office App Award for 2016.

  • Document Wizard.

    Brand and legal compliant documents are easy to create with this award winning add-in. Make sure that your communications say exactly what they’re supposed to say. This is how you build trust with your documents. People see how consistent they are and know that you mean what you say when you communicate with them.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to work with MS Office. Word gives you the flexibility that you need to maintain brand identity throughout the documents you create. This allows you to free your creativity and still create consistency in the communications you share with others.

People will be astounded at the level of professionalism you’re able to achieve with MS Word and its many add-ins. There is something for everyone and tools that make your documents sing visually. If you want to make an impact but aren’t sure where to start, digitally download your favorite version of Microsoft Office

SoftwareDepot has many versions of Microsoft Word to choose from as well as Office apps and Windows versions for sale, too. You can digitally download Office 2013 Student or Office 2016 Student and be on your way to creating professional presentations for class.

There are no shipping charges or packaging to recycle. In fact, there’s no wait to download the software either. You’ll have access to it within minutes.

Office Professional Plus 2013 and Office Professional Plus 2016 puts power at your fingertips. It allows you to brand yourself better by giving you access to a number of programs and tools that make marketing and promoting your business easier. When you choose to download MS Office Professional 2013 or any other version of MS Office, you’re stating that you approve of the software’s efficiency, creativity, and accessibility.

You’ll be able to work on projects as you go thanks to mobile versions of Office, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. This increases productivity, gives you greater freedom while you travel for pleasure and for business, and provides you with more than one opportunity to collaborate with other members of your team. It’s one of the many reasons why businesses of all sizes make Microsoft Word their go-to word processing program of choice.

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